Discussion: Our Second Black President?

Discussion for article #222650

I want to thank Josh for the brief history about our “first black President”. I’m old enough (42) to know and experience first hand the Clinton years, but I have had a misconception about why Clinton was originally called the “first black President”. My assumption was that it simply had to do with his close knit relationship with the black community, especially the political community. Reading your article forced me to reevaluate the context of that relationship.

I also remember well the vitriol that existed between Clinton and those on the far right. The biggest difference between then and now I see is that I don’t have a memory of Clinton having to prove his “legitimacy” to be President. There were plenty of people that hated that he was President, but I don’t remember a groundswell of opinion that he had no right to be President. (I should preface that by saying I’m talking especially about his first term in office. Clearly the impeachment hearings in his second term were another matter.) Obama has long been criticized with the question of whether he was “American enough”. I don’t remember Clinton being asked that.