Discussion: Openly Gay Former Sheriff Wins Texas Governor Nomination

Was curious about the comment about her immigration record. From the April 30 Texas Tribune

“Abbott spokesman John Wittman said in a statement. "November, voters will have a choice over whether they want to turn Texas into a sanctuary state in the mold of California or uphold the Rule of Law and keep Texas the model for the rest of the nation.”

Looks like we’re stuck with Abbott…

I remember her from the Democratic convention in 2016, and was impressed by her.

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The ads from Abbott and all the PACS are going to be fugly. Wouldn’t be surprised if they even dredged up Willie Horton for this wrestlemania-election-fest.

Ask many of the Hispanic voters and they knew they were making a choice. This demonstrated that the Hispanics had a voice in the outcome of an election, and they also knew this would give Abbott the Gov. seat for 4 more years.
Interestingly, the turnout of Dem voters was so low, the message of Hispanic Voice will be lost.
Now, off to get rid of the individual who made the decision of Hispanic Woman to lead Dem ticket as their long term dream come true, as it puts the entire party more in the weeds.