Discussion: On Eve Of Debate, Hillary Clinton Posts 31-Point Lead

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Quite a lead and quite a showing this close to the primaries.

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Trump: Liberals are so silly. They are going to nominate someone who I will decimate in general elections. I bet ISIS is happy that it might be Bengazi Clinton as president of USA.

I call bullshit. In September of 07, Clinton led obama by 14 points. By mid-January 08, it was down to 5. At what point in their 2007-8 Dem primary polls close to this point in the race did she lead Obama by 31 points? The media is trying to keep people reading their papers/websites by fantasizing about a possible horse race when all signs show Hillary pulling away.

No, Gallup had Clinton leading Obama by 28 points at the end of '07.

I’ll post the link.

It’s 11-07, and 27 points

Its mid/late December (cause not much if anything is going to happen over the holidays). Not September. The polling in '07/08 showed that Obama was closing the gap with Hillary. The polling today shows the opposite…Hillary has maintained and is expanding her lead in every state but NH…where she is closing the gap.

Polls tell what is happening at a specific point in time. They are not crystal balls telling you what will happen in the future. The polling was correct in '07/08…Hillary was the front runner, and Obama did close the gap and eventually overtake her. The numbers show that.

Just like this campaign they show that Sanders made a big splash, Hillary got pounded in the papers about a nonscandal and her number suffered. Since the 11 hour marathon, however, she has continued to rise in polls. At no time has she lost her front runner status, and instead, her lead is growing.

You could reasonably point to the '08 polling as an argument, if there was some other factors occurring in the race and on the ground to support Sanders surging. But there isn’t. She is out fund raising him. She has a bigger more aggressive and better organized ground game. She is making more campaign appearances. Her team is putting on more events.

If some external news item breaks in January, then the numbers will adjust. But barring that, it seems extremely doubtful that Sanders is going to close the gap before Iowa.


With polling comparisons, you compare like to like. You don’t go from firm’s poll to the other because of different methodologies, sampling sizes, etc.


This is what I was saying as well. Them bringing up that Obama was trailing in their polls by a similar number is false. He was closing in on her and Bernie is doing the opposite. The only place right now where it’s even interesting is New Hampshire.


There’s a democrat debate? After nationwide advertizing of the last GOP debate and silence from the democrat side I was beginning to wonder if that side was even around any more. I have not seen anywhere near the same level of coverage of Sanders or Clinton on the major TV cable outlets that the repubs get.


On another Saturday no less…and on a weekend when the biggest box office movie of the year comes out. Great timing DNC. (Facepalm) Not sure what they were thinking.


The DNC has done a terrible job with the Democratic debates on that front. Scheduling them on Saturdays was about the worse thing they could have done, barring scheduling it on Christmas Eve. Which, given DWS’s handling of it so far, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to find out she proposed that.

Every one of them has a conflict with some other major event happening. And combined with the fact that there are only 3 people on the stage, and only 2 that matter and 1 with a huge lead running away with the nomination…there just isn’t much there to drive up ratings.


I’d love to know how they can get accurate polling being as nobody owns a landline anymore. Anybody know?

Moreover, everybody I know, myself included, is a Bernie fan.

Bernie has fervent followers, and this is hard for them to swallow, but in fact he is a single-issue candidate and his issue is not resonating as it should, due to the fact that few lower-income Americans are class-conscious. The majority do not want a revolution. They want incremental change. Hillary Clinton is a more reassuring figure. She also has a strong foreign policy resume, although of course that is easy to pick holes in, since the US has not recovered from poisonous Cold War triangulations of the past. I personally trust her to be steady and certainly not someone who would rush to war, like Bushyboy. Sanders as a leader on foreign affairs is an unknown quantity. Also, the Repubs have already shot quivers full of arrows at Clinton, whereas redbaiting Sanders hasn’t even started.


The horse race narrative is for some reason interesting to some. The thing is that Obama and Clinton were in many ways similar in terms of being more moderate Dems. Sanders is the most liberal candidate I remember running, and although I think many agree with his policy positions on things they also realize they need somebody that is more electable. Whatever that means.

That said, it does not matter. The same attacks are coming either way.


You expressed skepticism that Hillary led Obama by anywhere near the amount that the author claimed, so I supplied a link to a poll that supported her claim to some degree. That’s all.

Good for Hillary. There is not one Republican who will beat her. She’s smarter, best in foreign relations and has the support and money she needs to win. Hillary is honest and gracious.


If this is a horserace, its Hillary by a third of the track.

I truly wish that one candidate could unite our side and be the ‘perfect’ President. Obama is probably the closest that we were going to get to that for many elections to come. So we now have either Hillary or Bernie and this is who will carry the torch. It’s very important that we get behind our nominee for the sake of the entire progressive movement. I like Bernie but really don’t see him as leader of the free world. He has a sort of curmudgeon effect and that just doesn’t represent POTUS well and although that is shallow, it matters. There is much more to compare the two and in a full match up, Hillary still exceeds Bernie by big numbers although he has his strengths.

Hillary must keep pounding the campaign trail though, she has no laurels to rest on and this she knows from hard experience.

I read comments all the time claiming that Clinton is just a Republican-lite and Wall Street sell out. Without going into great detail, I call bullshit.
Republicans don’t campaign on the things that Hillary does and don’t have the history that she does. And her Iraq vote was no different than every other vote for, no one knew that they were voting for the Bushies to start this never-ending ‘Jihad vs. Christianity’ battle of the centuries.

I’ll happily take the team of Hillary and Bill to guide the nation and change the world and I believe that is what will happen.


Why is DWS still head of the DNC? Scheduling very few debates on Saturday evenings is a non-event. Oh that’s right, no one will know if Clinton falters if the viewership is small. This and the media blackout of Bernie Sanders. It’s all a farce.


The only poll that matters is the actual voting results…

That being said, she has my vote!

Especially here in the Phoenix market!

It’s all jony mcwar (whom we never hear from unless he’s running for re-election) and trump!

They cover the gop/bags 100% of the time and never mention any dems unless they’re saying BENGHAZI…or EMAILS!

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