Discussion: Oklahoma Bill Would Strip Abortion Doctors Of Medical Licenses

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Is even worth mentioning that conservatives make a fetish about supporting “constitutionalism” and yet when it comes to issues like abortion they are all too ready to pass laws that are unquestionably unconstitutional? Just sayin…


And the Republican Cult doesn’t understand why it’s losing more and more support among women.


But supporters of the measure in the Republican-led Legislature have said the intent is to “protect the life of the unborn.”

Yes, it’s much better for an untrained layperson, rather than a trained and licensed physician, to perform an abortion.
There’s a special place in hell for these people.



But supporters of the measure in the Republican-led Legislature have said the intent is to “protect the life of the unborn.”

Ohhh, why didn’t you say so? That surely would pass constitutional muster. Funny that Wade (of Roe v Wade fame) never thought to argue that.


will Jesus be paying for this lawsuit took?

and why do they always think it’s god and not da debbil talking to them?


So here’s my response to this law: A bill that would require any legislator who votes for a law later found unconstitutional by the courts to cover the costs of the defense of that law out of their paychecks.


Just another reason that my husband, who’s 75, avoids mentioning that he was born and raised in Oklahoma. It makes him sad and embarrassed at how far from human decency Oklahoma has fallen.


Better yet, just who determines whether a particular abortion was necessary to protect the life of the pregnant woman? Will there be a public trial, with endless witnesses called to pick apart whether a woman might have survived if she carried the pregnancy to term? Will there be a panel stocked with pro-lifers who used to work for insurance companies in the denial-of-authorization department? Or is this just intended to frighten doctors into not performing abortions.

So obviously unconstitutional, but they’ll litigate it all the way up and fundraise the whole time.


It’s gotta be God, because they go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and no one they know has ever had an abortion or had a teenage daughter who ever had sex out of wedlock, much less an abortion, ever. Never ever ever.


“another example of the Legislature’s utter stupidity.”



And who is surprised by this? It’s a logical “next step” in the march to ban abortion and it’s being taken in a likely place. These GOP’ers have really been pushing it lately. Maybe they’ll go to far.

Oklahoma was the first place I lived when I came to the USA. My impression of it’s people were they were poorly educated, addicted to TV, overly susceptible to commercial duping and thought “workin for the man” for chump change was “the life”. And my God is there any culinary creation worse than a chicken fried steak? I hated the place. The only thing I took from it was a fondness for western boots and jackets…I like the hats too.

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I must have missed it in the article, but this bill must also include massive spending for sex education and birth control in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place, right?

And while we’re busy restricting Constitutional rights, does it also strip gun dealers of their license to sell guns?


This is why you don’t vote for Republicans. They are truly heartless, mostly men and willing to use any excuse to limit peoples’ rights. WTF?? Another unconstitutional end-run by desperate men. They got nothing.


These scum sucking hypocritical bottomfeeders…‘Big government’? YOU BET. When legislators think that GOD came down and tapped their little pointy heads with all knowledge and only THEY know when and where medical procedures can be performed, then we are in big trouble. I can barely type I am so damned mad.


And if OB/GYN’s close practices or just leave the state rather than have legislators dictate medical care, what then, Oklahoma?


They don’t CARE that they are ‘losing support among women’ because they don’t consider them relevant in politics.


“All people have the inherent right to life.”

Unless Oklahoma decides to impose the death penalty.


“God” / nature causes more fetal deaths in one year than all the women’s health physicians in the history of the world. They gonna revoke “His” license to be in charge?