Discussion: OJ Simpson Granted Parole In Nevada Robbery

Now he can resume his search for the “real” killer.


Simpson who?

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Let’s see, all 3 major networks carried Simpson’sparole hearing.

But they did not give live coverage to Trump’s latest attempts to subvert justice and terminate ACA which would have the consequence of leading tens of thousands of Americans a year to earlier deaths.

There is no balance to this ‘news’ coverage.


Apparently he was a model prisoner, caused no problems and he served his time.

Not sure why they would have not granted him parole.

Amazing that even this man now seems less of a threat to the country than the President. And on top of that he’s killed less people than Putin.

What a weird time we’re living through…

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Very happy to see that the first comment was made by a squirrel.

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If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit! If he’s stuck in the hole, you must parole!

Pitiful. Shouldn’t have been broadcast live. I was ashamed for the networks.


Actually Simpson has some Trump in him. Arrogant and self centered, but with the ability to con stupid people.

Orenthal James was a helluva runner. I remember him at SC. We watched a lot of football back then. He won the Heisman and went on to set records in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, some still stand and he’s in the Hall of Fame.

Then he went bad and from then on he turned into something completely different.
I still believe that he murdered his wife and Ron Goldman and although he wasn’t convicted, bad karma has followed him ever since.

Now a 70 year old man and an ex-con, what a waste.


OJ should have run for high office: then he could have murdered tons of people, maybe even more than Putin or the Republicans (particularly if they pass Trumpcare), and not only be a free man on top of it all but a damned wealthy one too.

The relativity of it is really a pain; no kidding.

He was the luckiest man alive twice, and then the fool blew it.

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trumPP can show him which golf courses would be the best to check.

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Of course he did the murders. There’s a seven-hour documentary, won an Oscar, called O.J. Made in America and a book, The Run Of His Life, Jeffrey Toobin. The majority African American jury was looking to avenge Rodney King’s beating, and even though O.J. spent as little time as possible in the company of black people, his defense team’s plan was always to present him a poor beleaguered black man. Bullshit.

Quote of the day isn’t from trump for a change. OJ says “I’ve basically lived a conflict free life.”

His brain is probably swiss cheese from CTE.
I’m amazed the parole hearing was covered live.
He should be a nobody. He is a nobody.

He did get caught swiping extra cookies from the mess hall☺️

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We were just talking about how we remembered him racing through the airport for Hertz. How we loved him and cheered for him on the field. He broke so many hearts. You’re right–what a waste.

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At the time of the acquittal I had a lovely (black) secretary who was absolutely certain that OJ was innocent. And thus the jury made the right decision

But not because of the “beleaguered black man” story: she was completely and totally convinced that his son Jason was the killer and that OJ was taking the fall for his kid…i.e., being a “good dad”…