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It sounds like people have known about this problem for decades,and have been just standing around watching it get worse.

Proper water treatment is called infrastructure. Spend money on it or this is what you get. Fully fund the EPA so they can go after polluters or this is what you get.
I feel like I am living in third world country some days when I turn on the news.


So do I. The central institutions are failing to force competing interest groups to compromise for the common good. So a particular business does what it feels like to maximize profits, and 400,000 people end up without water to drink. That’s not how a sophisticated society runs things.


will this be the wake-up call people need to start demanding infrastructure improvements paid for by the wealthy who have been abusing our society for the last 30 years? Lets start with the .01 percent. Confiscate 70% of their wealth and they still won’t miss it. That, or tell them to “work it off” by putting on waders and fixing the problem themselves, while the nation watches on live television. Now THAT’S reality tv I could tune in for. Time for the greedy takers to pay for their malfeasance.


Why in the hell can’t the government mandate all farmers who live near creeks, rivers lakes and etc have to use equipment that will inject liquid or chemical fertilizers under the soil surface? This would help a lot. Ban the spreading of manure the old fashioned way for those near water. They can sell their manure to farmers that don’t have fields near water sources. The government can give them tax credits or just outright help to offset the additional costs for them to comply. Technology wise, this is not beyond our reach. Not having much of your fertilizers run off, instead of being injected under the soil surface, would be a cost benefit to the farmer’s bottom line.

But precisely how an oligarchy runs things.



The peak of algal growth hasn’t even been reached yet; not for a month. If the bloom gets worse, It’s likely that there may be some severe fish kills due to lack of dissolved Oxygen in the central and western lake basin [much shallower than the eastern portion of the lake]. The O2 depletion, in combination with weather events - a high wind - which mix the O2 depleted bottom and top layers bringing anoxious conditions into the upper part of the lake, could cause a fish kill.


Fucking amazing that this is happening in America…but not surprising.

Time to hang some oligarchs yet?


The punch line here, as always with this sort of pollution - caused disaster, is that society pays for, and will continue to pay for, the clean up and solutions. The profitability of polluting businesses and agencies almost never takes “externalities” such as the toxic algae bloom in lake erie into into account. The environment is considered “free goods”. Well, it ain’t.

So once again we have privatization of profit and socialization of loss and risk and I’m sick of it [in both a figurative and literal sense]. Time to do risk/benefit analysis on polluters. If they can’t make a profit when the cost of environmental externalities are taken into account, put 'em out of business.


Three days? Wimps and whiners.

Remember Charleston, South Carolina? They’ve been without potable water since January. No big deal - 300,000 people, although the water use ban has recently been expanded to most surrounding counties:

Just imagine the water in fracking counties. Can’t even use that to put out fires cause it’s flammable!!


( aka self-inflicted injuries )

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Initial phase of WaterWar One…

Heckuva Job, 1%ers.

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At least they can still flush!

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The Party of NO has stymied the progress that is needed to ensure a clean water supply. Not only that they’ve made it their cause celebre to defund the EPA so that it’s existence is now in jeopardy. This is just a precursor of things to come if the Republicans become the majority party in both Houses of Congress.

If you value clean water, clean air, roads that are able to be used, hospitals, bridges that will continue to stand up by themselves, fire departments, ambulance and rescue squads, and on and on, then vote Democrat.

Because it is the stated purpose of the Party of NO, to remove all constraints on the polluters, enhance the wealth of the wealthiest %1 and continue policies that are pro-business paying no taxes and shifting the tax burden of the nation from those who are the %1 to the poor and smaller, ever smaller middle class.

This definitely means that we have to subsidize the rich so that we can keep receiving this lovely trickle-down effect with bonus algae.

Note to TPM: The water ban in Toledo has been lifted for a while now.

I’ll bring the rope.

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400,000? Meh - wait’ll fracking toxifies the aquifers of our large urban areas, or a break in the Keystone XL sludge pipe leaches that poison into the Ogallala aquifer - that’s when the party starts!

But hey - drill/motherfucker/drill!