Discussion: Ohio Attorney General Candidate Paid About $10,000 In Parking Fines

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Geez, Dave. Fuck DeWine. He’s a Category Five Asshole. How hard is it to put a quarter in the meter?

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What a fucking moron. Next (D) candidate please…

Nice to know he has change floating around to pay for these. Not.

He paid, right? He didn’t try to weasel out? He didn’t pull "Do you know who I am? (Who was he?)


I’m glad that the AP has so much extra manpower around that it makes sense to dig into a candidate’s paid parking tickets. Too bad there are no other situations going on that could use some investigative reporting.


The expired license plates are more bothersome than the parking tickets. That reveals either a “the law doesn’t apply to me” attitude, or a serious lack of sense. Someone with a busy schedule might get parking tickets. But letting your license plates expire is just plain dopey - and Pepper appears to have done that every friggin’ year.

This is newsworthy, but not that big of a deal. Pres. Obama had payed off a few parking tickets he had outstanding around Boston early on in his 2008 campaign for POTUS.

Depends a whole lot on where he was parking. Around my town, some people just pay the tickets rather than take a bus from the longterm spaces or move their car every other hour. Some of those tickets sound like they were pretty steep.

(I do wonder about parking with expired tags, but we don’t know whether that was about letting the tags expire every year or just one year where he still drove the car while getting the new tags and got ticketed a bunch of times.)

What kind of imbecile thinks he’s going to be able to hide skeletons in his closet in this day and age?

This man doesn’t believe the law applies to him. Who the heck pays that much money (not even in a lifetime should it even be possible) for parking violations?

He’s a wealthy man who’s out of touch with reality and the people he’d be elected to serve.

An imbecile with political aspirations…

I don’t exactly disagree. But a super busy person can lose track of these things. Still, that’s why busy people have assistants.

A narcissist!!!

This “outrage” is a big yawn. Nothing criminal here. Just his cost of doing business. Sixty dollars a month …you know.


Ohio Rethugs must be a smear cliché contest with the anti Missouri protestor click and anti-marijuana faction…Pepper sounds more like an effective politician engaged in his job and, unlike Rethugs, paying his minor, nuisance fines.

  1. I’m pretty sure he’s the son of John Pepper, former CEO of Proctor & Gamble (among other things), so yes, David has the scratch handy to pay the tickets.

  2. He did the crime and paid the fine…why is this such a big deal? Aren’t there better things upon which to judge his appropriateness for the position? (But I do agree with Mister Neutron that the PERSISTENTLY expired tags is not a good look. I let my tags expire once – and that should be enough to learn the lesson?)

  3. C’mon, gang – we’re talking Cincinnati and we’re talking Democrats. As long as he didn’t use a personal check (that bounced!!!) to pay a sex worker, he’s doing all right. (For those who don’t know, look up Jerry Springer’s political career.)

  4. Parking in downtown Cincinnati is horrendous. Cut a brother some slack.


The AP did not say anything about when the expired-tag citations were issued. Did he let the tags expire in multiple years, or did he just get multiple citations for the same expiration?

He paid his debts to society. So what?

What if the guy has some health issue we don’t know about, like he needs to urinate every 15 minutes? If he wants to park illegally and then pay the tickets, who gives an F? Cops meet their ticketing quotas; municipality raises cash; dude gets to his meeting (or the restroom) on-time. It’s a win-win-win.

Seriously? You think this disqualifies a candidate?
So he’s in a meeting and he thinks, “I could run out and plug a meter, or take a chance and pay the ticket.” so he pays the ticket. And the person harmed is??? Most politicians I know would make an aide responsible for plugging the meter, thereby foisting the expense off on the taxpayer.

That he paid all his fines doesn’t matter. Most people try to avoid tickets, find them expensive, and feel lousy about it. It will be very easy to portray Pepper as a scofflaw. If DeWine doesn’t have some scandal too, Pepper is done. He was an idiot to run for that office with this hanging over him.