Discussion: Ohio AG: Marijuana Ops Found At Scene Of 'Execution' Killings Of Family Of 8

They probably found a microwave oven as well, but didn’t feel the need to announce it. Wonder why the difference…


"Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said it was clear the family was
> targeted, and he’s told the victims’ relatives to arm themselves."

Welcome to Ohiolachia America. Meth labs are routinely busted in this area midway between Columbus and Cincinnati. Kasich and DeWine ought to be ashamed of themselves. They do nothing for these people and when they need help, the sheriff tells em to lock and load. Drugs, Cancer, ignorance, Nuclear issues, Piketon has it all. Showcase of John Kasich’s economic miracle: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2016/2/25/the-cancer-cluster-of-piketon-ohio.html


How is atming yourself going to stop “sophisticated” assailants? I hope they dont mistakenly shoot a loved one.


This family ran afoul of a well organized gang. Maybe even a Mexican Cartel.The original Zetas were notorious for carrying quick coordinated attacks.

Not sure why the Sheriff is advising other family members to arm themselves. He should be investigating them.


It’s entirely possible that this horrific crime had nothing to do with the marijuana growing operation. But there is a real chance that the killings were related to the marijuana growing operation, as in somebody ripped somebody off. Prohibition creates this kind of violence, as participants in a black market cannot avail themselves of the courts to settle disputes. Which is one more reason we should finally come to our senses and legalize (and tax and regulate) marijuana.


Because there isn’t an entire illegal subeconomy built around microwave ovens in which a collection of organized crime cartels from Latin America with a propensity for mass murder play a prominent role?

I mean, just guessing here, you understand . . .


The reason the marijuana constitutional amendment failed is because it set up a legal cartel in the Ohio Constitution. Only a half dozen or so could grow and sell.


The lethal guns were totally legal, the organic weed was not.
What is wrong with this picture?


Piketon area has more than a marijuana problem. Like the rest of America, Ohio treats addiction with the threat of incarceration. On 60 Minutes last night, it was reported that nearly 80% of prisoners held in county jail were drug users/addicted. Herioin, and Meth are big here as they are everywhere else in rural America. Piketon also has the Nuclear Zone issue which doesn’t help with promoting economic developement.


I will be astonished if a – I hesitate to use the word, but it fits – professionally planned and implemented execution of eight people who appear to have been pleasant and likable while avoiding their infants was anything but related to the marijuana. It stinks of what passes for business in organized crime.


Correct. Under the proposed law, the family would have most likely been illegally growing, if in fact that’s what they were doing. De wine is a snake. I don’t believe anything he says ever since he squashed the investigation of the Walmart shooting. He’s laying the groundwork for more putative anti-drug laws.



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Yes, even the pro marijuana side was against the constitutional amendment.


Absolutely. A clean proposal would have flown through with >60% approval hands down. I believe they are revisiting it again without the cartel this fall, along with about 7 or 8 other states.

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“Everybody is his brother’s keeper” in that area. Which basically means everybody knows exactly who did this, and authorities are merely making sure the evidence they collect will stand up in court before they make arrests. Victims must have known the killers even if they were killed in their sleep.

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This smells like a drug gang hit. End the war on drugs, and the drug gangs would dry up.


The big problem here is,

“Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said it was clear the family was targeted, and he’s told the victims’ relatives to arm themselves.”

That statement is mind numbing on so many levels. He is actually advocating for a drug war to be waged in his county, and is giving one side a “get out of jail free” card. Not to mention completely abdicating his duties to PROTECT the citizens of his county.


Without sounding like a regionalist, this is rural Appalachia. My guess is most of the people in the area not only own guns, but regularly hunt and target shoot with them. And yeah, having a gun in your home increases the odds of you killing a family member by accident. But in this part of the country it’s probably not as ridiculous an idea as it would be in Annapolis or Portland.

Oh, I don’t think it means that at all. I read that as the community comes together to help. I suspect that many in the community did in fact know that the family was growing, but I would be surprised if the community knew about any flare-ups between a member of the family and someone from the outside. If that’s in fact what it turns out to be.