Discussion: Officials Agree On Outline For Iran Nuclear Deal

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Wasn’t the GOP all about reaching their conclusions when it was announced the talks were happening?

Bravo Secretary Kerry and vague enough to allow all the clowns to slop tar all over themselves before June.

Great news. And perfectly timed so that Boehner and Netanyahu were left with their bare faces hanging out for their news conference yesterday in which, of course, they were surely going to bash the ‘deal.’ I love it.


“Bad deal, bad deal, bad deal.”

Which part?

“Dunno, haven’t read it.”


Now let’s negotiate with Israel about their nuclear program.


President Barack Obama risks further antagonizing lawmakers in both
parties who are poised to take their own action to upend a deal if they
determine the administration has been too conciliatory.

Seriously? FURTHER antagonizing them. They’re saving room for more antagonizing like skipping most of the meal to make room for dessert. If they haven’t reached peak antagony already, then their appetites for rage and frustration must be as prodigious as their fatuousness.


McCain and Graham: “At every step, the Iranians appear intent on retaining the capacity to achieve a nuclear weapon.”

McCain and Graham are the world’s leading experts in nuclear physics, so they ought to know what they’re talking about.

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Leave it to the AP to put a negative GOP spin on what should be a reason for optimism.


Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.

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If the Republicans were any more antagonized than they are now, they’d all die from apoplexy, and control of the Senate would revert to the Democrats.


At least it’s not “Nuclear Framework Deal Two Whole Days Late; Senate Close to Calling the Whole Thing Off.”

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well, has it been vetted by sarah palin? if she started reading it right now she might get it read by june 29th. that would leave her a whole day to write an op-ed.