Discussion: Officials: 5 Wounded In Stabbing Spree At University Of California

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5 wounded, 0 killed. Wayne LaPierre must be grieving.


And in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 - The NRA announces… “See a good guy with a gun stopped the carnage” all the while not noting the irony of all the victims having lived while the one person attacked with a gun is dead … deservedly so, but dead.


Can we all agree the country is pretty much batshit insane?


Indeed. He’s having a meltdown.,


False flag operation. Obama is COMING FOR YOUR KNIVES!


No guns, fewer (or no) fatalities. Authorities with guns take the guy out. Much better than the NRA free-for-all shoot-out.

Stay away from your local knife store. Traffic is likely to be a mess, as knife enthusiasts mob the stores for some panic buying.

My niece studied there … she left because she felt it was a third world school, I guess she was right, you need at least a Glock to go on a world-class, real american, who-god-meant-it rampage,

Five wounded,… with a knife,… that’s Swedish level of violence, which should not be tolerated, I know UC Merced students are mostly poor, but still they should all be required to own guns like the NRA commands.