Discussion: Official: Whoever Shot Cops Had 'Unfortunate Association' With Ferguson Protesters

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That information is based on a hunch, so it means exactly squat.


Why were the protesters met with cops in riot gear? Again?


There were black people, outside, not already in handcuffs.
Of course it was a riot. Have you not been paying attention?


This man just keeps digging himself in deeper. The only “evidence” he’s got that the shooter(s) had an “unfortunate association” with the protestors is that they happened to be in the same place. By that ridiculous standard, the shooters instead may have had an unfortunate association with the police. But the protestors don’t have the luxury of associating the shooters with the cops, while this “official” has the microphone and the imprimatur of his “authority.”

This incendiary rhetoric lays the groundwork for the coming response to suppress the rights of people to peacefully assemble and seek redress for what they perceive to be injustice.


No rush to judgement on his part,lol. I think it’s more likely the shooter was a white supremacist who planned to shoot cops hoping to change the protest into a blood bath.


It’s as likely as being someone associated with the protesters IMO.


“But he repeatedly said that it was “very difficult” for police officers to distinguish between peaceful protesters and people who pose a threat”

…then those are incompetent police officers who should be fired, and replaced with ones who can, because it is really really easy to do. Not to mention that it is the whole f***ing job. Here’s a hint: don’t beat the f*** out of the ones who aren’t pointing weapons at you.

Belmar said it was a "miracle" that the shooting was the first incident of its kind since protests over the police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown began last summer. He then invoked the fatal shooting of two New York City police officers in December.

Yeah, no blaming going on here! Newsflash: just because you didn’t explicitly say “I blame the protesters” does not mean you aren’t blaming the protesters.


Why would anyone, and I mean ANYONE, give two shits about what that racist greed-weasel thinks?


Just keeping it constructive on his way out the door.


Wow, that was quick. And two police officers, like in NYC. If they weren’t badly hurt, I smell set up.

Based on previous interviews where they said they would use force and violence if the protests occurred, it will not come as a surprise at all if it’s found that racist far right wing KKK and neo-nazi republicans, are the shooters.

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“But I do feel like there was an unfortunate association with that gathering.”

I’m really at the point where I sincerely hope it turns out to be some racist who was trying to cause this kind of stir and wanted the police to open fire on the protesters. I want so badly to watch Faux Nation have to eat that kind of news.



“I should not be blaming anybody other than the individuals that took a shot at my officers–
but in reality I really am.”



What kind of racists do you think might have the skill to hit a target with a handgun at 125yds?
Likely one trained to do so.



The guy made two hits at 125 yards with a pistol? Selective hits…picking off Cops in a crowd? Who was the shooter…Annie Oakley?


In Belmar’s mind, here is the association:

or maybe it was set up by either some right wing wackoos who wanted for shit to start or maybe by associates of yours so shit would start up…either way …if it was by someone connected to the protesters yall brought all this on yourselves by your actions and deeds toward the citizens you were sworn to protect and serve

But the ones without weapons are the safest to beat up.