Discussion: Officer Convicted Of Assault For Holding Gun To Man's Head (VIDEO)

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“Officer Jenchesky Santiago was convicted by a judge on Wednesday of two counts of assault, a handgun offense and misconduct in office.”

“Santiago has been suspended without pay since his indictment in March. Chief Mark Magaw will decide whether to fire the officer once an internal investigation is complete.”

Huh? A conviction still isn’t enough to get fired? And the internal investigation trumps the Judicial system’s investigation?

Ok, put me down for a great big WTF?


Jesus F**ked. We can’t even park now?!


Gun to head for parking…correctly?
Ooookay… then take home message would be park that buggy and walk away from it … carefully.


That could have been another tragedy. Thank god the officer didn’t think the suspect lunged at him, resisted, reached into his waist or was going for the officer’s weapon. And, one “drop gun” saved for another time.


He seems nice…


WTF, indeed.

He was suspended in March, after how much time elapsed from the actual occurrence of the assault? His supervisors obviously saw the video and thought it worthy of suspension without pay. That is a pretty high bar.

Now, nine months later, he is convicted and no one at PGPD of the city council thought to go ahead and fire the guy. Even if he hadn’t been convicted, he should still have been fired by now.


So if he was going through the hiring process an assault conviction wouldn’t disqualify him. Good to know.

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LOL! When I first saw the pic I figured it must have involved a serious offense but putting a gun to someone’s head over … let’s say … parking more than 12 inches off the curb deserves the WTF for sure. Dangerous out there!

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Ironically, judging from other incidents, if he had killed the man and claimed that he was afraid for his life, the officer probably wouldn’t have been convicted.


I trust the police. In my town they are doing a great job to protect and serve. Yes, there are rogue officers and they need to be fired and, in some cases, prosecuted. But let’s not get down on all police because of the few who go beyond their training and law.


see also: let’s not get down on all Muslims because of a few fanatics or crazy folks. also Christian extremists…


Well I guess they don’t have to fire him. They can put him on desk duty in his cell.

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The point that your comment seems to miss is this… there is a severe problem and shift in general police procedures/attitudes and lack of de-escalation and accountability. If this were sincerely the case of just a few rogue officers, and his seniors and co-workers believed what this ‘rogue’ did was unacceptable… he would have been fired by now. Period.

People are riled up because this type of behavior is going from the rare to the “too often”. I’m certainly not down on all police… however, a black and white attitude, you’re either with us or against us that the police unions have been taking is a losing attitude.


Thank the FOP’s for that. They make it so hard to fire any incompetent personnel in law enforcement that most forces won’t even fire guys who kill people and are charged with a felony.

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Huh? A conviction still isn’t enough to get fired? And the internal investigation trumps the Judicial system’s investigation?

They’re doing it by the book so he can’t sue them later for improper dismissal.

I’d love to hear the local police union rep’s defense of this guy. There must be one because defending the police is what they always do no matter how illegal the behavior.


Is there any other job in the entire world where this wouldn’t result in immediate dismissal?


Until your comment I didn’t see anyone getting down on all officers. Most adults know its not all officers, but the number of bad seems to be growing dramatically. Of course those that protect the bad do seem to be all officers. Very rarely do you see them condemning their peers for bad behavior. What’s up with that?


I recall the report of a cop in Calif, who put a gun to a guy’s head to collect a $100 debt.
The cop went to prison for armed robbery.

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Man we really need to come up with a mental test for folks that we authorize to carry around loaded weapons as part of their job because their are a lot of them that should never be allowed near one.