Discussion: Obrador Pats His Own Back For 'Cordial' Trump Relations In First 100 Days



This bastard is as adept at blowing his own horn as Trump is.


Enjoy it while it lasts … Emperor ----

You’ll eventually have to play donnie at golf —


The guy is proud that he never travels, he doesn’t even have a passport, he put the presidential plane for sale.

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See … donnie’s already won ! —

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Does this mean he’s paying for the wall after all?

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Well Trump doesn’t even have to show in order to win…he is even better golfer than Kim Jong Il…

One should always maintain “cordial relations” with your master.

Stupid pendejo.

Getting along with Trump, as we have seen, is never a good thing. It just means you’re waiting to be wraithed, and that should be clear by now, especially south of our border.

The new president was largely self-congratulatory in his 100-days speech, even regarding the economy.

Una maquinaria finamente sintonizada.

I think that you meant “que.”

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