Discussion: Obama's Top Advisers Set To Spill Insider Details

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in summary, Obama was an uncle tom for the first four years of his presidency. the democrats chose for the first time in American history to foreclose on the middle class and poor and to subsidize the rich thru a recession. there has not been a time in our history where the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich happened so quickly than under the Obama administration. instead of putting out a book, Geithner should be put in jail.

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Clearly Clinton’s book is written with an eye on the campaign, unlikely to be any real dirt there.

Geithner like Gates is not a Democrat, so could be some dirt there. Of course, since Democrats hate Geither, praise from him could be more damaging than criticism.

I don’t think that is a fair comment. Yes, Geithner was a bad choice, but characterizing the recession the way you did is not accurate. Most of the bad stuff was set in motion even before Obama took office. There are a lot of Republican fingerprints on the response.

There are a lot of criticisms to be made of the Obama administration: not enough stimulus and not prosecuting Fraud Street. But most is in the category of not trying hard enough and ‘what if’. If Obama was such a stooge for the rich, how come Wall St supported Romney so strongly?

Well he was a stooge for the rich. You just said it yourself “not prosecuting Fraud Street”. Yes, the “bad stuff was set in motion even before Obama took office”, but when he had the banksters/criminals hanging by their fingernails, he failed to act. And remember WS supported both candidates and either one was a win. Romney more so no doubt, but Obama played the pawn and did it with a smile.

Sorry lamoth but you have a myopic view of history. The middle class decline began in the Reagan years with a major shift in priorities from public investment to policies that focused instead on wealth- Reaganomics. Clinton did little to alter that shift and Bush, with his unfunded wars and deregulation provided the coup de grace.

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Geithner is most likely looking to embellish his own creditentials, not take down the President. I suspect there will be a lot of re writing history there to remove any of his fingerprints on everything that led up to the crash. Timmy isn’t big on burning bridges.

I don’t think it was ever a case of Obama being really behind Geithner. It was a case of Geithner knew where all the bodies were buried, and was kept on to help clean up a mess he was part of making.

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After the brouhaha about Gates’ book I read it with a little trepidation. I found it not all that negative about Obama. He did dump on Biden but he also backed up his assertions. About Obama he recognized that O was caught in a maelstrom of event not his making that would have tried any President. He specifically contrasted this with Bush who was basically taking his victory lap while Gates was SecDef. Surprisingly Gates found Hillary Clinton to be a staunch ally during his tenure. She was a bit of an Iron Lady.

In short, I found the Gates book interesting and more even handed than the pundits.