Discussion: Obama's Nominee To Be Ambassador To Mexico Withdraws Her Name

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Well, in fairness, Congress was really, really busy since September, so not giving her a hearing is completely understandable. And with the Senate majority stable, what was the hurry?

These guys would have needed to cut their vacations short, and maybe even work more than 3 days a week during the few weeks they DID work. And Mexico doesn’t really need an ambassador, does it?

Maybe they were holding out to find someone more qualified, like Sarah Palin.


Sarah can see Mexico from her Arizona meth lab…


You nailed it CVille

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Really? I thought she had stopped doing that stuff … oh well … guess it kind of explains a lot …

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WTF is “Berkeley Law School”?

I guess the Turtle Turd wins again. Cain’t have too many furriners around, now.

Shorthand for University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.

Referred to during most of its recent history as “Boalt Hall” or just "Boalt,"which is still the name of the building in which it resides. But as professional schools have jumped on the “branding” bandwagon in recent years, they now refer to themselves as “Berkeley Law.”

This is a damned shame. Let’s continue to just destroy people and then ‘wonder’ why we have a bunch of grifting nimrods in Congress…they are the only ones to run.


This one is on the Senate Democrats, who held the majority until January. I am not aware that this nomination was filibustered.

She had the qualifications, is obviously of the right race to be able to communicate at the same level. It’s possibly that ‘she’ thing that I started with that did her in.
Mexico and Mexicans have that machismo thing going on and who knows right, what’s really going on.

The hateful, wreck it all, obstructionist Republicans likely have dirty hands as well, but shit, that almost goes for everything. I will not give them credit for omnipresence.

Except no one calls it that. It’s Boalt. Anyway, it’s a great school, Professor John Yoo notwithstanding.