Discussion: Obama's National Security Team: Bergdahl 'Did Not Look Well'

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AP reported today,if there were any leaks on the bergdahl negotiations,they would kill him.

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Except the rwnjs don’t want to know anything. They are so desperate to try to discredit this president, they will do and say anything.


The administration officials knew that Bergdahl was only valuable to the Taliban if he was alive and reasonably healthy. They were very worried that his declining health would turn him into a hindrance instead of an asset and, as such, his captors might kill him or simply abandon him to die.

Republicans are horrible people!


– there could be a debate on many things - but take anybody and say they are being held by the Taliban - and then - after five years of captivity - captive in Afghanistan -
If it is said “They don’t look well” … there really is not much to debate… what can you say? “Oh for a guy who has been held as a prisoner by the Taliban in remote locations of Afghanistan for five freaking years - he looks great” - ?.. like he has just been hanging out at a spa?

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of course,and it makes more sense now reading the AP report…but,another day another benghazi sigh


The Nitwit Ensemble on the Today Show this morning were commenting on how great he looked. To me he looked thin, disoriented, has a drooping eye and facial tics. And that’s just from a grainy video.


But John Sununu says otherwise!

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You’ll get a chuckle out of this.

According to an anonymous source that spoke with Jake Tapper, the US Army has concluded that Bergdahl deliberately left his post.


The right wingers there are eating this up. They actually believe this “anonymous source” from the military who could be anyone from Allen West or Oliver North.

But John Sununu is a fabricating ideological idiot of the first order.

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I realize that you can’t anticipate Teh Crazy, but I really hope the WH kind of anticipated this absurd reaction, and, that if the tape is ever made public, Bergdahl really doesn’t look well, because otherwise, this is just going to be another Benghazi.*

*Who the hell am I kidding? This is going to be The.Worst.Scandal.In.The.History.of.Scandals, regardless of evidence, reality, or facts. Some in the Democratic Party, many in the media, and nearly the entire GOP apparently have lost any sense of shame.


OBAMA’S KATRINA!!! (twenty characters)

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Forget the well being point. We are getting out of Afghanistan. So the only way we were going to get Bowe back was by a prisoner exchange. That deal has been on the table for a couple years. Qatar was added to the deal. I assume Whitehouse figured it was now or never. The alternative is watching a snuff film of the taliban cutting Bowe’s head off for propaganda purposes. These politicians such as the ex NH Gov should be confronted with that possibility. Typical GOP. Criticize a hard decision and don’t offer an alternative plan.


AP sounds harsh. Just imagaine what the people who held him prisoner might have done.


Let imprisoned American soldiers die.
– The Republican Party

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Fox News’ new slogan: “We support our troops…well most of them…OK, maybe half the troops. We fully support half the troops, or at least the ones who watch our programming. So maybe 15%. Fox News, we support 15% of our troops!”

Someone posting here the other day used Bergdahlgazi, and soonoonoo confirms it was an apt conflation.

The White Wing would have leaked the info and then criticized Obama for getting him killed.

So, the Taliban blackmailed Obama to make this deal. Talk about negotiating from a position of strength.

What took so long to make the swap? The video was taken in December 2013. Was the WH dragging their feet?

Anyway, it didn’t impress the Senate. Time to float another reason for the trade.