Discussion: Obama Vetoes Anti-Climate Change Measures Passed By Congress

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R/w exploding heads add toxic gases into the atmosphere.


Bravo, Mr. President. Loved that shot he took at the GOP as the only part of any government in the world that doesn’t believe in climate change, too!


Nice to have you as President. Thanks!


I love lame-duck Obama. Like Chris Christie says, he just doesn’t give a fuck what the GOPers think any more. More fuckless leadership, please, Mr. President.

Wait … what? Christie said “feckless”? Close, Gov. Donut, but no cigar for you.


This President, once again, has helped me “breathe” a little easier —


Some Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates scoff at the climate science.

True, but if Barack Obama were to scoff at climate science himself, the Republicans would be running around like Chicken Little, screaming about how global warming is the biggest threat ever to the American way of life.


Well, there ya go, RightWingers – two presents from President Obama. I’m sure you’ll use these two deserved vetoes to the fullest extent possible in your fundraising scares. Have at it – and don’t cry you got nothing for Christmas.


But the obvious unaddressed question is whether these vetoes can be overturned by Congress. I assume not. But pro analysis should have been included in the post. That’s what sites like this are for.


Good! Fossil fuel advocates (including The Oregonian) are desperately trying to roll back the Clean Fuels Act that passed in Oregon this year. I hope our governor takes President Obama as her role model.


The climate change deniers’ argument can be summarized as follows: “Sh*t happens, only it’s not really happening”.
The Republican Party’s answer to the climate crisis would be to hold a prayer meeting and ask God to make the climate problems go away, and fanatical Christian pundits and politicians continue to demonstrate that they are totally and blissfully ignorant about how science works.

The industries that are financing the global warming denial campaign share the same unethical “profit at all costs” philosophy that has dominated the decision-making process of the tobacco industry as it repeatedly denied any health-related consequences of using their products.

There is an overwhelming amount of empirical and observational data that support the contention that nitrogen oxides and carbon-based gas emissions related to fossil fuel consumption have had a significant deleterious effect on the planet’s climate patterns over the past century.

Economic impact cannot be the sole factor in every regulatory policy of the U.S. government. Those that do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. We can no longer afford to be so short-sighted when the long-term consequences of our inaction are so great.


That’s just hot air.

You are right. The name/number of the bills would have been nice too.

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Fuckless president … you should patent this hahahahaha!

The symbol for the climate change deniers should be the three monkeys. I.e. hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.


Adding a fourth monkey … excessively farting and holding a GOP sign.

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One more reason to love President Obama and loathe the scaly, conscience-less scum that comprise the GOP.


There was a day when the GOP could have called this environmental extremism and gotten away with it. That day is long gone.


Unfortunately they always forget the fourth monkey - “Do no evil”. (Hands carefully placed over its crotch…)

I don’t think that means what you think it means. That phrase would better describe Ted Cruz or Chris Christie should they ever be elected President.