Discussion: Obama: US To Keep 10K Troops In Afghanistan, Despite Promise To End War

Discussion for article #241807

If the US were more willing to work openly with Iran, they could assist the Afghan government to neutralize the Taliban better than we because Persia/Iran has perhaps two millennia of cultural and linguistic influence in that region. And Iran has real skin in the game against the Taliban because they share a long border with Afghanistan and the extremist Sunni ideology of the Talibani is a menace to Shia Iran comparable to ISIL.

I wish that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry would/could restore closer diplomatic relations with Iran, as was done with Cuba, before a different POTUS takes over. An incoming President is very unlikely to do so; yet palpable stability in the entire Middle East, in addition to Afghanistan/Pakistan, depends on yoking Iran’s undeniable regional influence to US regional interests despite the intransigence of ultra-Zionists and Saudi Arabia, cradle of the deadly teachings that sustains Al Qaeda, ISIL and Taliban.

Normalizing relations with Iran appears extremely unlikely for political reasons, but maybe an alliance between Iran and the Arab League toward a regional defense alliance could be forged.