Discussion: Obama To Tap Julian Castro For Housing Secretary

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And there’s your Dem Veep nominee.


When I heard the news last week, my first thought was that it was pretty cool and awfully smart for Obama to pick HRC’s veep.


Lets hope Castro is appointed to the housing position because of his competency in that sector and not a move by the Obama administration to appease the Latino population in light of the upcoming November elections.

We already have enough scandals with Eric Shinseki at the VA and Kathleen Sebelius for Obamacare, not to mention Hillary Clinton and the like.

Great choice on many levels. Likely Veep. Possible POTUS later if he does well now. Very competent and well liked by voters.

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Your party will never find enough scandals to cover their malignancy. Have a nice day.


Troll derp.


Dunno about Castro for veep. Still a little green, and a couple of years at HUD won’t really make him ‘heartbeat away’ material. If Battlegound Texas/Wendy Davis were getting better traction in 2014, Castro at VP might put Texas in play for 2016, but I don’t think that is the case.

Clinton does well with Latino voters, beating Obama 2-1 in the 2008 primaries, so she doesn’t have a pressing need to shore up her support with the VP pick.

I think Castro should do HUD for a couple years, then something with greater visbility and then come back to Texas to run for governor.

We Democrats are looking very strong for very many decades to come and not just because our opponents are weak, bumbling fools and have no foreseeable leader or current leaders worth two cents.

We look strong because we actually fulfill the wants of the people and elect real representatives for the most part. We look strong because of the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro. I feel that we are bending back to the left after peeking for a while at what the right is.
The mass majority lives on the left, even the most disgruntled that are too mad to admit it. We look strong because we are real and our opponents are playing a game.

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Versus Cubano American, which by some measure can be considered an entitled class of Hispanics as ‘victims’ and that is an older demographic which Rubio has put all of his chips on.

Hispanics, generally, do not enjoy the unfettered fawning from politicians which Cubans have taken advantage of since Carter so in a head to head say with Martinez (R-NM) or Sandoval (R-NV), Castro will have a national footprint and as an experienced (Southern) urban mayor who has been in the barrio trenches, hands on.

Please, troll somewhere else. Sibelius got the job done, I mail my (top level of Blue Shield) payment now with extra pre existing condition crunch berries, at the end of each month.

The VA, needs funding increased not cut as the GOP has continued to do, so blaming Shinseki for the vapid abandonment of logic (unfunded wars and the legacy of injury) is pathetic. How about putting Bush and Cheney on trial for war crimes instead?


Because I’m a giant urban planning geek, I think the HUD position and its occupant are important stories in and of themselves.

That Obama elevated his HUD Secretary to Budget Director, and put such a rising star into the office, is further indication that he actually takes this city-revitalizing stuff seriously.

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I disagree. For five years, he ran a city with a population larger than the population of several states. Now, he’s going to manage an organization with 10,000 employees. I think he’ll be just fine for 2016.

I believe Obama takes a hell of a lot of what matters to us seriously. It’s the politics that get in the way.
The righties like to pretend that we think that Obama is God and in a funny way, that is how he works. He answers in strange ways and in his own well thought out time according to what’s doable and when is the best time to do it. Not always because people are shouting just to gain political advantage, as in the Shinseki case.
Obama makes moves that are layered beyond the obvious and usually a side benefit is getting the Republicans to go against themselves or reprove what disingenuous dirt-bags they are. The Castro move is a simple master stroke.

Hmmm Obamacare? No scandal there. Benghazi? No scandal there. And the VA?Well sparky when a Republican President starts two never ending wars , one based on a lie, and a Republican Congress cutsVA funding what do you expect to happen?

You really, really, really need to pull your head out of your ass.

Here’s the question…Why?

Is HUD really such a big “profile raiser”? It didn’t help Jack Kemp.

I think he’d do better staying mayor of San Antonio, then moving up to Governor of Texas or Senator from Texas.

I don’t think that rushing him to the VP spot for Hillary is going to capture Texas, honestly.

It didn’t propel Kemp, Henry Cisneros, Andrew Cuomo, Mel Martinez or Steve Preston into the White House, nor leverage their respective states.

San Antonio has a ‘weak mayor’ structure, so saying he ran the city is a bit strong. The city manager takes care of a large portion of the adminstration.

Castro won 67% of the vote in the 2013 election, but he got that with only 29,500 votes. This is not a high profile, hotly contested seat.