Discussion: Obama To Spend Earth Day In Florida, Where Term 'Climate Change' Is Allegedly Banned

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You never hear any Florida government official talking about climate change so it is safe to say there is no climate change in Florida.


He’s definitely going to go down as one of my favorite presidents.


Trolling the scientific booboisie in their own flooding backyards - priceless!


Absolutely genius.


I hope State Sen. Jeff Clemmons, the guy who devised the term “atmospheric reemployment” is invited.

The awesomest display exposing the faux war of ignorance vs science:


The fools in the Tallahassee missed their big chance at a free market remedy for climate change:

#Climate Change™ is a wholly owned property of Climate Change Denial Inc., and may not be used or referenced without the expressed written permission of CCD, Inc.

I’m fairly confident the Floriduh courts would grant relief for infringement…


He already is for me. I don’t care if Jesus Christ himself shows up and runs for President. He can never fill Obama’s shoes,


“That which shall not be named!”
Climate change is the GOP’s own personal Voldemort.

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Gee, I wonder if Rick Scott will attend . . .

Nanner, Nanner! Ricky.

But will he march with the unions come Labor Day?

No, our chicken sh*t governor won’t be anywhere near the “Glades”.

He’s my favorite since FDR.

I was hoping for Obama to have a better photo op, like going down to South Beach to wade in the clear water flooding :fist:

You’re still hobbling around on that stubbed toe? Puleeeze.

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You still hobbling around as a Bill & Hillary Clinton DLC neolib?

I never was. Next false equivalency?

Surprised me, considering you’ve never had a bad word to say about Obama. I’ll stick with neolib.

Obama was going to spend it on the polar ice cap but, it melted. And the good news is, that he will be able to take a water taxi around town, bulletproof of course, so Florida has that going for it.