Discussion: Obama To Nominate Former P&G CEO To Lead Veterans Affairs

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Cannot wait to hear of his qualifications. At first take I was bothered that he was not a combat veteran himself but perhaps by not having worked his way up through the ranks he might tend to be less patient and tolerant of VA bureaucracy.

Maybe he’ll treat those who served America more like the stockholders we truly are instead of treating us as impositions on someone’s daily routine of dodging having to make decisions.

You best bring a big stick and an iron stomach to this job sir!


great comment - I also want to see what he brings to the table. Vets deserve so much better than they have typically received and cleaning up the VA is a BIG job.

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What, what???

POTUS has nominated someone who doesn’t have any experience with serving in the military but just so happens to have loads of experience heading up a corporation that sells consumer products (some of which are medically related) to head up the VA?

No fucking way.

What the VA does NOT need is some former corporate head who doesn’t understand the medical needs of veterans but certainly understands THE BOTTOM LINE of balance sheets and - what a coincidence - probably can figure out ways to privatize parts of the VA until there’s no trace of government involvement at all. Oh, - and did I mention that P&G would be selling lots of their products to the gov’t. for a nice price?

See, this is what I was thinking about when Shiseki’s head was served up as an offering to the powers that be who think that the gov’t. has no business in running the VA. Mind you, it’s still OK for the gov’t. to send you to war but has no obligation to take care of you once you’re maimed. Hope Ms. Duckworth is happy with the outcome she helped to facilitate.


EDIT: Apologies. Turns out he had served in the military many years ago. The remainder of my feelings still stand.

P&G realized annual sales of over $84 billion. The company had more than 120,000 employees, 120 plants and 200 brands in 35 categories, of which 25 brands generate over $1 billion in sales each year.

McDonald also graduated “at the top of his class at West Point” unlike the C+ Yale graduate who became president. If the VA buys P&G products at a discount, that shouldn’t be a problem because the majority of household in this country use them. Unless of course this is nothing but a fiendish plan on his part to increase sales. He’s a successful manager, and at this point the VA needs one desperately.


He is a veteran (5 yrs in 82nd airborne) and a 1975 graduate of West Point. He worked his way up through the ranks at Proctor 'n Gamble and has done very well. As CEO he increased the share value by 50% in his several years as CEO. This may be a strong choice.


I could not agree more. He’s a successful, and evidently brainy guy who knows how to manage. Bernie Sanders will look into his record very carefully I’m sure.

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Hold on there skippy. This guy graduated in 1975 from West Point and then did 5 yrs in the Army in the 82nd airborne before joining P’nG. He IS a veteran. He’s no slouch company guy either having worked his way through the ranks so do look up some stuff on him before going lunar. And inder his leadership P&G divested out of Pharmaceuticals and food products. P&G is a huge company. He also made excellent returns for the share holders. It might be a good thing to have vets treated as share holders rather than crap to be ignored.


Are you bloody well kidding me? Considering just how much greed and shortsightedness runs rampant in some multinational corporations, I don’t see that as a “plus.” I would say that with certain companies (not all) the shareholders aren’t getting the most bang for their buck, so to speak. Shareholders are shareholders. Veterans are veterans. Two different clientele.

Some of the VA hospitals have a long standing history of corruption. And one of the reasons for that is due to the short-sighted nature of being able to appear getting veterans care in a timely fashion because there just aren’t enough medical practitioners n the pipeline. How does experience dealing with shareholders address this?

OK/fine what credentials would you prefer the nominee to have?

Neither of us yet knows what makes McDonald tick. That’s gonna come out when Congress holds hearings as to his nomination. That He is a graduate of West Point and a veteran of the 82nd Airborne and has managed a company with 120,000 employees and is a very well run company. speaks well, so far, of this guy. I’m reserving judgement until I know more. Apparently you aren’t which is your prerogative.

From what I have learned so far there might have been some issues with his time with P&G. He appears to have been replaced rather than having retired.

Apparently it was a billionaire investor who put pressure on the board that caused McDonald’s exit, not pressure so much from the company.

There had been a couple of years of less than stellar profits that this investor was all up in arms about. Greed it seems. From an investor. Well at the time the rest of the economy was not doing so well either.

I hope Obama and the American people get a great Return on Investment on this one!

It would be impossible to unearth a candidate for the post whose background ticks every box-- in everyone’s opinion-- to everyone’s liking.

Conventional wisdom from all sides seems to agree that ramping up medical staff is ‘job one’.

Following that-- McDonald has a knowledge and experience that’s relatable-- managing logistic mechanisms for goods and services on massive scale-- which at the very least gives him a head-start on determining how to alleviate deliverables backlogs. That is the next step IMHO.

And I’m not sure much else can be presumed on the front-side of the upcoming confirmation hearings.


Of course it would be impossible to satisfy everyone with this appointment. I think if one wants to ramp up the medical staff the what the VA needs is funding to pay that staff. And we know how the GOP feels about funding anything…even supposedly apolitical stuff like veterans needs.

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This man sounds like he’s a good fit, as long as he knows how to delegate. Congress needs to budget more monies, of course. I’m sure the VA is filled with good people, but they’re overworked and underfunded.

No more neocon wars will also help lessen the burden.

Delegate, yes. He also will need to know how to navigate the political bloody mosh pit of a nomination process. And there will always be snoopers sniffing around who will want to find dirt on this guy. Just to hurt Obama. Never mind that vets get damaged in the process.

Oh, great. Now we have a wonderful choice…

… that we will have to defend against attacks from people who had their leaders chosen because they were friends in college (remember “Heck of a job, Brownie!”?), or were just down the hall (remember Harriet Myers for Supreme Court?), or were simply themselves (remember how Cheney was tasked with finding a vice-Presidential candidate, and gosh darn it if he - after an exhaustive search, I’m sure! - figured he was bettern’ any of those folks?).

I so don’t want to hear their phony bullshit anymore!

And America owes Shinseki an apology! He was the one marginalized for daring to speak out and say that the neo-con chickenhawk war-profiteers were underestimating the troops needed for this phony illegal war, and then we stuck him with an underfunded VA.

He should get a parade in his honor too!