Discussion: Obama To Meet Wednesday With Bernie Sanders At White House

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This is good – shows respect both ways, and reminds Democrats that in the big picture we’re all on the same side.


Hmmm. I wonder if this is a post-Iowa, post-New Hampshire push towards black voters in the remaining primaries. Stay tuned.

I know what I think this is but I’m not going to say it–it would be too good to be true.


At the risk of pissing anyone off, here is an imagined Obama/Sanders meeting that I saw on another website:

Obama: Take the hold off my FDA nominee. No, you won’t be getting the list of Obama coalition voters in exchange for it either. Do the right thing.

Oh, and Planned Parenthood is not part of the establishment either, but now that you’ve alienated another large voting block - women - good luck in Iowa.

By the way, your six-page “health care plan” is not going to get us closer to reaching single-payer nirvana – let me break down the math for you and show you why.

Also, before you go, do you have some time for a crash course on pragmatism and how to actually get things accomplished? Your legislative record for the past 25 years is pretty thin.


I hope the president gives him some advice about the wisdom of ‘Under promise, over deliver’ – He and Hillary (and all pols really) could use it.


The irony is that Hillary already gets this, which is what is hurting her in the primaries. She refuses to pander to the base by promising the sky and the moon and all the stars. Her ideas sound boring and sensible by comparison, but boy, is she poised to over-deliver once elected.


Not bad, but would be a lot funnier if it sounded anything like Barack Obama. In reality that kind of direct talk is much more characteristic of Bernie.

But I wouldn’t doubt Obama will try to impress on Bernie what it means to assume the incredibly vast responsibilities of the American presidency, while also trying to effect change in a system where the president, despite arguably being the single most powerful person on the planet, can sometimes find himself (or herself!) with surprisingly little power . And while I think Bernie’s probably under no illusions about any of this himself (big ideas and soaring rhetoric nothwithstanding), I suspect it makes a deep impression to get the low-down from the President himself, sitting in the Oval office, a few days before the first votes are counted in your bid to become the next occupant of that office. That seems likely to be a sobering experience for the candidate, even if the President tries to keep it light by cracking a few jokes or whatever.


Meanwhile, neither TPM nor any other media will tell you the REAL REASON for this meeting. It’s because Obama has fallen behind on his dues to the secret Atheist-Satanist-Muslim-Jewish-Socialist-Communist-Fascist Cabal to Destroy God, America, and All Things Good, and Bernie is there to collect.

The good news for Obama is that the dues are only $27, and since Bernie’s from Vermont he might be willing to take half in Canadian Tire Money, though at a pretty deep discount, of course. At any rate, it sounds like they should be able to work things out.


Sanders has met with Obama at the White House on several occasions over the years, but the men aren’t close.

This is not snark, but is Obama close with any Senator or Representative?

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You don’t think Obama’s capable of “that kind of direct talk”? I guess I’ve heard him speak in informal settings more often than you have…


If so, Sanders is being bigfooted by his surrogate (Thom Hartmann) who said Obama hadn’t really gotten anything done.

And this is also reason # 4,782 why I’m not supporting Sanders. There’s been too many comments from him and his surrogates that have either dismissed the president’s accomplishments or were fairly disrespectful.


Perhaps. Didn’t sound like him to me. (And for the record, I didn’t say Obama wasn’t “capable” of such direct talk, just that it was more characteristic of Bernie.) But like you say, maybe I just haven’t seen Obama in more informal settings where he might let loose. I have read that he can be wicked sarcastic when he wants.

At any rate – to be a fly on the wall for that conversation, wow. Two exceptionally sharp, good-hearted, visionary guys who both obviously care a lot about this country. I hope they break out a couple bottles of beer (or whatever they like) and have a good time with it – they both deserve it.


Yup – after Obama tells Bernie to stop blocking his FDA nominee. :wink:


Oh ugh – I catch the Hartmann show from time to time when driving. Can’t stand him or the paranoid imbeciles that call in. Its the crunchy version of Rush Limbaugh.


I don’t get Thom Hartman’s appeal either - I find it so boring to listen to.

If I were Obama, I’d bring it up.

And I have no idea if in private he’s anything like he is in public, but if he is, I imagine that conversation might start something like this… “So, do you have a real beef with this guy, or are you just making a point? Because, look, if you have a real beef, let’s hear it, but if you’re just making a general point about the revolving door I get it and I don’t disagree, but I’ve looked closely at this guy and I think he would be good because x, y, and z.” Something along those lines.

Again, I have no idea how Obama lobbies lawmakers in private, so I’m just going by his public tone, which is almost always relentlessly reasonable…it’s actually one of the things I find most appealing about him.



My guess however, is this was urged by the Sanders camp because they felt, and the press covered is as such, that he was leaning a little too heavily Clinton’s way in his Politico interview. Its basically a meeting so they can tell the press that the playing field is level.


With that photo, just a guess, TPM is in the Clinton camp.

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O: "Bernie, I hear that you’ve got a few bucks on you, and I was wondering if you could lend me some money.

B: Sorry O, but the money came from my 2.5 million supporters and I have duty to spend it all on the campaign.

O: Bernie, you know, your stealing my thunder. How’about cutting back on the big rallies.

B: Well, I cut back but they show up anyway and gather outside the venue. What can I say the people want the spectacle of seeing a candidate that won’t be bought.

O: How about cutting a Hillary a break.

B: I’ll do that as soon as the banksters quit cutting her checks. I would say, she should give all the money she’s gotten from banksters back but then she’d have to borrow money from them to cover it because she’s spent all the money already.

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