Discussion: Obama To Ask Congress For Cash For Roads, Bridges

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so he’s asking for something that we immediately need for the safety of the poeple driveing on those roadways and bridges and will put a lot of people to work which will help out the economy so ofcourse the republicons will say hell no not without cuts to medicare foodstamps etc etc oh yeah and more tax cuts for the wealthy… and dont forget BENGAZHI!!!

The party of Eisenhower, builder of the interstate system, will not allow his great accomplishment to decay, right? Right?

Let me tell you something about the Cracker. The Crackers in Congress won’t do anything that would help the Negro look good in the eyes of voters, which maintaining the infrastructure might ultimately do. No, the Cracker will sit in his mahogany Capitol office and do nothing.

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Recently I drove 1400 miles on the interstate system. It is obvious that the system needs repair and improvement all across the country. I-70, which is one of the more important roads from the east to west coast and runs past the St. Louis arch, carries an enormous volume of over the road truck traffic and needs to be repaved and widened by an additional lane each way pretty much its entire length. I am surprised big business isn’t bitching night and day. ODS can’t be so powerful Republicans refuse to listen to their billionaire donors who depend on truck traffic to move their products.

How could congress be against a something that would put people back to work earning money so that they can:
• Add to the tax base
• Buy products which would stimulate the economy
• Move people off of government assistance
• Help reduce the deficit because we have tax revenue
Members in congress clearly would support this as it would be a boon for all the cities and towns that have crumbling infrastructure.

Oh wait, this is the congress that wants to just keep asking where are the jobs, and not really participate in helping create them as this would do. What was I thinking?