Discussion: Obama: There Aren't 'Any Specific And Credible' Threats Against US

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He should have said:
It’s not like I received a daily briefing titled:

ISIS Determined to Attack the United States.


He forgot to mention Trump!!!

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Can we make some up. There has got to be a way to make some money, or get some votes out of this.


Hooray! Thanksgiving will come after all!

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Ask yourself…after this do you think the GOP’ers are praying for an attack? I’ll bet they are.


I doubt the majority of them (50.7%) are praying for an attack. However, I’d believe that 48% of them are praying for at least a mass gunning down at some mall. The remainder, 1.3%, breaks down as such: .1% actively planning something and 1.2% looking the other way.

Edit: I wish I could say that this is 100% snark … but, it isn’t.


Obama: There Aren’t ‘Any Specific And Credible’ Threats Against US

Except that GOPers see Islamic terrorists behind every tree, in their bedroom closet, under their beds and in 5 yr old Syrian orphans.

Hey Mr Policeman, could you please arrest that shadow…it’s following me…


Americans should go about their usual Thanksgiving weekend activities, spending time with family and friends and celebrating our blessings…

May sane people survive not really usual conversations at their Thanksgiving family gatherings this year…


The threats against the US are from within —armed stupid people itching to kill SOMEbody!

And from malignorant politicians that encourage extremizing Xianinanity.


“The Chicken Little brigade is upset but they’re always scared there’s something hiding under the bed.”


Fancy gloves, oh, wears old MacHeath, babe
So there’s never, never a trace of red

Forget migrants , there has been over 11,000 gun related deaths in the US so far this year.


Snark and humour aside, this announcement simply reminds the GOP of their only possibility of regaining the White House.

This places “party” versus “country” in an interesting light.

Particularly since any Republican Presidential victor-due-to-terrorism would exercise policies which would make even the worst Republican racist long for the Obama “good old days”.


“Americans should go about their usual Thanksgiving weekend activities, spending time with family and friends and celebrating our blessings.”

Breaking: GOP/Teatrolls outraged at Obama’s “irresponsible” message of non-fear. Story at 10.

Frankly, I think they’ve been praying for an attack since January 20, 2009.

In a related note: Guess which “news” media websites don’t have the POTUS’ message of non-fear on their front page (you wouldn’t even know he spoke about this today if you went to them and didn’t look for buried politics articles). Guess.

In other words, let me assure you, it ain’t just the GOP/Teatrolls who have been praying for attacks and can’t stand anything that ruins the fear-narrative.


He’s doin’ it all wrong! This is Bush League Rules: if there’s any intel at all, any direction, that’s a Yellow; if there’s a scary warning, that’s a Screaming Red; and if there’s no intel whatsoever, that’s Orange with a Yellow base & Red-tipped pointy flame-looking thingies on top.

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Should we be attacked in the next few weeks, Republicans will use this statement as “proof” that President Obama just opened the door and let them in.

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They don’t even particularly care where the attack originates, either.

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Just a question. Why do you think that most of the reputable current polls show Hillary barely beating or losing to most of the Republican contenders, except Trump? I’ve been surprised by those polls, but the more I see them, the more I take them seriously. I suspect that some of Carson’s strength in these polls comes from a statistically significant number of African Americans defecting from Clinton, to support Carson. But, both Rubio and Bush are, at the very least, in hailing distance, and perhaps ahead; are there Sanders supporters who are telling the pollsters they will vote for the Republican, rather than Hillary? Have the voters had it with Obama and will take any credible Republican over the Democratic candidate? Are there other explanations? So, what do you think?