Discussion: Obama Surprises Reid By Calling Into Radio Interview After Retirement Announcement (AUDIO)

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“He’s been one of my best parters and best friends,” Obama said.

I’m sure “parters” should be “partiers.”


Two men from “humble backgrounds” reaching the top.
No wonder the Oligarchs hate them so. They are the antithesis of everything the Oligarchs stand for: Dynastic Wealth and the Unquestioned Power to Rule that comes with it.


So proud of both of them. The soft-spoken Reid is a hell of a fighter for the American people. He will be missed. I just hope Schumer, whom Reid has endorsed for the leadership position, is up to it.


Harry Reid, this is your life!

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I think this is why I have such high regard for Reid; he seemed to always have the president’s back and they appear to have a warm, genuine friendship. They also come off as having great respect for one another. As bad as people claim Harry is and is “weak”, he must be doing something right to have set up a good ground game in Nevada and lasting 30 years in the Senate. I’ll miss him and am sad to hear he won’t be seeking re-election.