Discussion: Obama: Rejecting Refugees Would Be ‘Betrayal Of Our Values’

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Really proud of this President…


A tour de force presser By Mr. Obama with American media looking shamefully insular in their moment on the world stage.


Clue, media: Special Op teams…French ones now joining US and Brit ON THE GROUND though stealthily…God. (Be nice to have some Russian ops, Vlad.)


Because we could totally be sure who the SPETZNAZ guys would be shooting at.

What do you mean?


It’s not terrorism if no pale-skinned folks are frightened.

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I had to look up SPETZNAZ

I mean that I’d not be surprised if they’re already there, training and fighting alongside Assad’s people against the rebels we’re backing. And a big reason ISIS exists is because Assad wants them to exist to provide the threat necessary to justify his regime’s continued existence.

Hard to challenge a belief you are welcome to have and may have been partially factual several weeks ago…

I SAY NO to MUSLIm ExtreMIST TERROR from SEEKing aSYLUm in the USA, BUT OK For THE CHRIstians. THE MUSliMS are ScarY and THEY christIANS are NOT scary. Just SAY NO TO the ScarY ARab TERRORIsts!11!!!one1!!1!!

“Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values,” he said.

It would be giving into fear as well. Are we gonna be the “home of the free and fearful”?

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It’s sad but President Obama is living lonely at the top. His words and thoughts are just what the American way is supposed to be and what his opposition claim is what they operate under but they don’t.
America the brave is something that the world has always envied, the Republicans are tossing that away to gain nothing. It’s truly sad.

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