Discussion: Obama Plans First Face-To-Face Meeting With Paul Ryan

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From: Ralph
Re: Mtng with Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan

Make sure you have plenty of mirrors strategically located. A garlic necklace should be worn under your suit and wear that crucifix that Michelle gave you – the big gold one that’s a replica of the one in the opening scene from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Oh, and some wolfbane hung around the doors and windows wouldn’t hurt either. Also, wear a gorget as a backup.



A laugh -track would be good to have on hand…, don’t you think?


They can only enter if you invite them in. Just cancel the meeting and tell them all to go fuck a bag of jellyfish.


“Obama Plans First Face-To-Face Meeting With Paul Ryan.”

Mr. Ryan might find himself a tad mismatched in the political-heavyweight department.


Used to go to animation festivals in the 80’s. (notice i didn’t say “I remember”). This one was always the favorite. Sometimes they would run it twice because it’s so short and sooooo funny (at least the first couple of hundred times).
Thanks for the flashback.


I’m sure any agreement Ryan makes with Obama will be 100% endorsed by the Tea Party gang that runs the House. I’m also sure that Jim Gilmore will become the GOP presidential candidate.


Have fun reliving your youth, I know I did!


Funny the last frame even looks like a slightly wrinkled sheet of paper, which I’m sure it was.


There’s no doubt this’ll end up in political theater, but maybe not so much because the two sides are under very different influences.

Obama’s side is in a way more flexible position because he’s still got the bully pulpit (and IMO in a way better state of repair that is typical for lame duck preznits at this point), and he’s already fixed his GiveNoFx approach.

In contrast, Ryan’s side has been having to anticipate an outcome for tonight’s Iowa Caucuses when history has shown it could be many days before the true outcome is known, Ryan still has to placate the Free Dumber Caucus while ensuring his overall caucus isn’t forced into shutting down the government at a time when the party establishment rationally believes, I think on sound footing, that such a move would place even its majority in the House in jeopardy.

If I were betting on how this will go, I’d go for a massive disconnect between Ryan’s rhetoric and the way in which the negotiations actually proceed, - particularly at the outset when the MSM news machine is forced to turn some of its attention away from the Conservative Crazy Clown Car Contest and the supposed Dual to the Death between the Dem septuagenarians.


Absolutely. It’s also running a little fast, about 2x it seems. There was a cute soundtrack but you can guess what it would have been - woodwinds and crickets.


May the best ABS win.

Mr. President, please do get plenty of sleep the night before. Paul Ryan strikes me as among the most asinine, hyperactive, and aggressively confident in utter bullshit. He seems utterly mentally exhausting, and Sen. McConnell has got to be one of the most aggressively somnolent individuals to have ever walked this planet. Companies that make those sleep inducing wave machines could just play the sound of his voice and that of the gentle swishing his waddle makes as it dances in the wind.


…don’t hold back now, Plucky, tell us how you really feel… :wink:

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… which face will Paul “Two-Face” Ryan present…?

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Nononono – please, Eddie Haskell. Joking about the monster-boy hairline is funny, sure; but let’s use the classic-tv reference that captures the guy’s oh-so-smarmily-polite demeanor deployed as a mask for his malevolent duplicity. People, I’ve talked to you about this before: please, Eddie Haskell.

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That’s probably out on the webs series of tubes somewhere too.