Discussion: Obama On Baltimore: People 'Need To Be Treated As Criminals'

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Fox “news” headline:

President Endorses Violence in Baltimore

“When individuals get crowbars and start prying open doors…they’re…protesting. They’re…making a statement,” he added.


The Violent People ‘Need To Be Treated As Criminals’

Is our President addressing those that are looters?
Or the LEOs responsible for the death of Freddy Gray?

I can hope for both can’t I?



I hope TPM will cover the rest of his very long and thoughtful comments about Baltimore. He spoke about everything from lack of education, dilapidated schools, a lack of jobs, etc. and he said the one thing I most wanted to hear in response to police brutality-this isn’t new. I get the distinct impression too many people think this is something that just started happening because they’re just now hearing about it. No, it’s not. It’s been going on for centuries.


I was going to make a similar comment on the Rand Paul post about the lack of fathers and morals. These issues go back centuries and aren’t confined to blacks.


…and of course, we await with breathless anticipation to hear the pearls of wisdom from Donald Trump, Rand Paul and all of the other conservatives who will weigh in with their pearls of wisdom regarding his remarks.


I was just going to say the same.
He also said it’s a shame that for weeks we saw peaceful demonstrations from people in the community along with the the parish but a burning building and looters are what gets the attention. He alluded to the fact that stories about demonstrators gets no press, but stories like this do - which gives the impression that ALL protesters are violent when they aren’t.
I did not see all of it because my local news cut away but the portion I heard raised good points and was incredibly even handed.


Both Police Chief and Mayor of Baltimore are African-Americans, what’s the excuse now?

Mr. President, according to Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake people who want to destroy need to have the space to do so, not be treated like criminals.


Maybe this isn’t the story to make this comment on, but I’ve had it with protests about how the police and conservatives are oppressing the black people in Baltimore and elsewhere.

I’m sorry that Eddie Gray died, but, after all, it was his 40th arrest. I’m sorry that there is unemployment in the back community, but why then bring in thousands of illegal aliens to take the jobs that a few of the members of the black community might apply for.

Let’s face it, with a black President, a black Mayor, and a mostly black City Council, these animals know they face very little chance of being called to talk.

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life trying to become tolerant and none racist. It was a waste of my time and emotions. If more unrest occurs today, I hope the cops shoot them down in the street and then leave them there!

Same Obama who was in charge when the OWS crack down happened?

This is exactly the problem isn’t it. Long thoughtful comments never receive attention.


Your point would probably be more credible if you knew the actual name of the person who you’re accusing of being arrested 40 times…


What a sad commentary. It is people like you who need to realize what is going on. Not just in black communities but poor white ones as well.


What’s been going on for centuries? If you mean brutality in general then, yes, of course it has. But the concept of “police” as we know it is a fairly recent one from the 19th century.

I know! I wish he had said “Violent people need to be treated as criminals- whether they are wearing a badge or looting a store.”

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How many tweets to make a long, thoughtful comment?