Discussion: Obama Not Convinced By Netanyahu's Backtracking On Palestine

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judging by the hysteria exhibited by scarbro on friday (edit: panel included al hunt& mark halperin), the wdc/nyc media/political worlds are flipping out over obama’s very public anger with netanyahu… how undiplomatic of obama to reject those private calls instead of what he’s doing – that i suspect is more related to highlighting an issue that most americans don’t really pay attention to, other than a reflexive support for israel. but that support does appear to be lessening, and obama’s continuing criticism brings unwanted attention – esp how untrustworthy netanyahu is…

i’m delighted to see him doing this. any mention of boehner’s victory visit…


In addition, enon, I believe that, if any “anger” is in the house, it’s that of the Europeans (whom the MSM don’t cover unless Prince Charlie drops by), who are paying close attention to Mr. Netanyahu’s election weather-vane.


Net and the Israeli government clearly cannot be trusted about anything. So they blame Obama, of course!


Netanyahu the NeoConservative Reverses On His Orwellianism. He has destroyed his credibility. Big time. His actions always pointed to undermining Palestinian statehood. Finally, he said it. He should also tell us the truth about his wish to undermine the Iranian talks.


Bibi to Israeli voters he needed to bring back in order to secure victory: No 2-state solution while he is PM.

Bibi to the US once he’d won and needs the gravy train to keep running: 2-state solution is a definite possibility.

Yeah, I wouldn’t trust him either.


No one with a functioning brain would believe Netanyahu, as another commenter pointed out, Netanyahu’s actions have long indicated his lack of interest in negotiating with the Palastinians, more settlements on the way, no doubt.


So Bibi is now a compassionate conservative?

Why do people keep falling for this crap.


“I can’t stand him. He’s a liar." - said, then French President Nicolas Sarkozy to US President Obama of Israeli PM Netanyahu.
Obama replied, "You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him everyday

President Obama has been on to Bibi for awhile now – it’s the regressives that are slow (as usual) on the uptake.



“We take him at his word when he said that it wouldn’t happen during his prime ministership, and so that’s why we’ve got to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don’t see a chaotic situation in the region,” Obama said in the interview conducted Friday.

Good. While Netanyahu may have periodically claimed support for a two-state solution in pro-forma fashion, the truth is he has never taken any actions to implement or advance it, while he consistently supports Jewish settlers colonizing Palestine areas and other actions that aim to block a two-state solution.

Now that Bibi has come out and proclaimed that he will never permit a two-state solution, no one should accept his attempts to backtrack, unless and until he takes some real action - like removing settlers from some Palestine areas and renewing peace talks - to prove he means it.

I think we can all safely assume that’s about as likely to happen as Beelzebub giving away popsicles in hell.


And so many of them surround themselves with the complete isolation of same-type people every single day. Their idea of “diversity” is whether someone’s church is built out of red brick or old brick.


I want to see Bibi and the Settlers twisting slowly in the wind. Let Bibi’s “victory” turn to ashes in his and Boner’s mouths.


Obama has known what Bibi was about since Bibi’s visit to the White House after Pres. Obama was first elected. Bib has pushed American presidents around for awhile (Clinton too) and Obama wasn’t going to kow tow to him like the others. Good for him.
“Weak”, my ass.


Bingo, you got it, colonies, not “settlements”.


Likud has always insisted upon a condition for a Palestinian state that they know full well will never occur, no attacks on Israel, complete security from the West Bank and Gaza. This is how they pretend to look reasonable while in fact being completely obdurate.


I normally wouldn’t heart any political death/ash bj fantasy pr0n, but you have a way with words.

I want to see the look on Bibi and every racist Obama hating supporter of his faces when we start allowing UN resolutions against Israeli warcrimes to go through. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Russia block them as a middle finger. That would still shake things up.


Hey, Bibi, now that we have a President with integrity, guess what… Your words have consequences.

Bibi (and his type) have bullied the US (and, with US backing, everyone else) for so long they think they are immune from the consequences. I for one have had enough of it. I am absolutely not anti-Semitic, but I have become more and more anti-Israeli-state expansion into Palestine and I am more and more appalled and angry at how they treat the Palestinians.

Just because you believe that your God gave you that land, doesn’t make it so.

Gee, who would have thought that a “lame duck” presidency could be so much fun. I love it. Obama has nothing to lose. He’s not part of the establishment so doesn’t have to pander to anyone. I’m guessing he’s through with elections so doesn’t have to worry about constituents. He also has honor and he still has, unlike Bibi and Boner, a vision for the future, not just the next election, and not just for a certain subculture. I hope he holds Bibi’s feet (and genitals if he can manage it) to the fire. It is so embarrassing for the US to sit in world venues and try to justify standing up for, and standing with, Bibi and his torch and burn policies. I hope that on the International stage Obama continues doing what is best for the US, instead of what’s best for Israel. They are not the same thing!

(Edit: this is not a reply to JGabriel, though I like his post. I just hit the reply button at the wrong time.)


A liar who backtracks is … you guessed it! A liar. If there’s one thing my mother taught me, it’s that once a liar, always a liar.


Or, perhaps, “unsettlements,” the perpetuating of conflict being their clear intention, justifying Likud pushing the Palestinians into the sea as they so often claim is the intention of their adversaries.

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I have zero trust in Mr. Netanyahu’s word as well. I am very pleased with our President Obama with regards to this issue. Thank you, Prez!