Discussion: Obama: 'No Excuse' For Shooting Of Cops In Ferguson (VIDEO)

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What an odd headline. Was there ever a possibility that Obama would condone a shooting of a cop? Is that the real story here, or is it that the President’s rightly putting emphasis on what the report said about a legal system run amok in Ferguson?

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But the President did order the killing of an Ambassador in Benghazi!!!..

The Ferguson protesters don’t support shooting police officers either, but don’t tell conservatives that, it will interrupt their rage orgy.

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Well, for certain minds (yo, justamarine, what up?*) it’s very challenging to understand that on the one hand you can condemn systematic racism and exploitation in a particular town and on the other hand deplore and not be responsible for people shooting at police officers there. You’ll notice the AG went out of his way to condemn police shooting too, as if there might be some question about it. You know, I really do love this country, the purple mountains and amber waves, the dear hearts and gentle people that live in my home town, all that, but Jesus Christ the political discourse gets stupider by the day.

*Actual justamarine quote from yesterday: “It is devolving into this because of comments and actions by the race baiters on the left to include the AG and POTUS.”


Yes, but did the President call this a “terrorist attack” in real time? That’s what’s really important here. Oh, wait … Americans can’t be terrorists (unless they’re Muslims, of course); they’re just Christians who have been persecuted beyond endurance . Never mind – sorry I brought it up,


Of course there is no “excuse.” There is a shit load of justification. The first one being given the fact that the ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces are murdering innocent, and unarmed, Americans without even a proper warning, let alone a warning in some cases, people have a right to self-defense.

Given the fact that 12 year old Tamir Rice was gunned down and murdered in cold blood within 2 seconds of encountering two of the Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces, what are those in fear for their lives, or for the lives of their children, supposed to do now if they see members of Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces before the Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces notice them?

Someone should also explain to what appears to now be a Republican DINO in the White House that there are no “Cops” in America. There is only the ruling Oligarchy’s corrupt security forces.

If there were actual Cops in America, then we would have seen the following occur:

• Those engaging in fraud and treason with their peddling Ayn Rand/Reagan Trickle Down/Supply Side Satanomics that is murdering the middle class and is giving material aid to al-Qaeda vis-à-vis al-Qaeda’s goal to weaken America economically, would be in jail.
• Those who crashed the financial system, would be in jail.
• Those conspiring to commit mass murder on a global scale with AGW, would be in jail.
• Any Cops that murdered innocent, or unarmed, Americans, would no longer be Cops and would be in jail.

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” He does this because white people need this and it’s a small sacrifice to advance the greater cause of justice.