Discussion: Obama Mentions Killing Of Muslim Students In N.C. During Extremism Speech

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AS if THERE is a MORal Equivalency BETWEEn KILLIng Christians and JEw and Killing MUSLIM terroristS. OUtrageous!!1!1!1!1!!!one!1!!!


What an amazing and cogent speech. Almost as good as his speech on race. Seriously.


LOL. I can just imagine the conundrum at Faux right now and how it will be resolved…

“Wait…do we yell about him showing favoritism to these questionable Muslim invader-foreigners over fellow Christians in Egypt OR do we take our opportunity to yell about atheists/anti-theists having their own unholy extremists targeting all religions, including these poor sympathetic Muslim students?”

“Both. You say one thing and you say the other and we’ll just pretend we’re not contradicting ourselves in some way.”

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He is such a delicious man. Delicious in his brilliance, sincerity and integrity. I am so proud to call him my President. It’s too bad other countries appreciate him more than the far too many citizens of the US of A


“… as Americans, of all faiths and backgrounds, we stand with you in your grief and we offer our love and we offer our support.”

Except for the Republican Party and the Tea Party— and Fox News.


And there is the Fox meme for the rest of the week.


Sometimes I think Obama is like the guy at the elevator door on the ground floor, when the lift is lingering at each of the upper floors. When everyone else waiting is reaching over each other pushing and re-pushing the down button, he quietly says. "Chill, people, you can keep on pushing that button as hard and as often as you want, but the elevator won’t come down any faster. This type of guy drives people nuts.

A man like Obama is guaranteed to frustrate the hell out of the “we want it and we want now” crowd regardless of position on the political spectrum


There are still a lot of Americans that admire this President, but it gets drummed out easily by the 24/7 cable bloviators that need a-story-a-day about this popular President doing something presumably the public doesn’t like. It helps them generate that faux rage they’re so famous for, merely for their ratings. Clearly he’s a well-liked and trusted President or they wouldn’t try so damn hard everyday to try to smear him…

Like Axelrod said the other day…this administration is 100% scandal free. You wouldn’t know that if all you did was watch cable, where they try to convey that everything he does is a controversy. Funny how we went 8 years with W and the Iraq War, and we were forced to watch the stenographers and cheerleaders in the press unwilling to give Bush or his administration any scrutiny whatsoever.


Imagine if he didn’t graduate from college a al Scott Walker. Could he beat the anti-elitist drum? MMMmmmm…no.

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I do realize that and you are absolutely correct that we only get to hear the bullshit spouted 24/7 by cable news. It is beyond frustrating. This is the hardest working president I have known in my lifetime and I have been through a few.


OMGosh – I can only imagine the pissing party on “Fox and Friends” tomorrow. Wear your galoshes!

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Yes. Unfortunately for Obama when he was running for President with his wonderful vision, he didn’t impress enough that change doesn’t happen overnight - that it takes time and it would take everyone’s participation. Far to many dems thought he would wave a magic wand, even though he inherited the worst economy in 75 years and a congress and senate full of republicans and conservadems who were determined to thwart everything he did, and everything would be okay. He’s a fucking miracle worker when you consider how much he has accomplished with no help. He is amazing and has my vote for Best President Ever!!


It was an excellent speech … he made me tear up relaying the valentine wish from a 11-year-old girl who simply wants to be treated like everyone else.

I also simply love how he not only did not use the words “Islamic Terrorism” as the RWNJs insist, but put forth very clearly why he would not use it.

Heads will explode.


Justice Ginsburg in her interview the other day described the President succinctly:

CARMON: I wonder, Justice, if you could give me one word, just one word that comes to mind when I say a few things. Just a fun little game. President Obama.
GINSBURG: The – just one word?
CARMON: Please.
GINSBURG: President Obama? Well, let’s say – sympathique. That’s a French word. It means more than sympathetic. It means who cares about other people.

That was spot on.


Yes., yes. yes. Now wasn’t that a great interview

He is a decent human being. I feel so bad that he has to endure such insults and disrespect. I wish I could slam every one of them


Sincerely, Chammy, you do a lot to remind all of us often just how truly intelligent, good and decent our president is. Not to mention handsome, witty, classy, etc.

Your posts make me smile and nod “Oh yeah, Chammy’s got it going on again!”