Discussion: Obama: GOP Is Only Party In 'Advanced World' That Denies Climate Change

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Best line of the whole news conference.


An exceptional comment. What an American.


Ooh, what a divider, oh, the dividingness, it burns! He said there were people who are wrong about a thing! He said it right out loud! There will be screeches of outrage and the gnashing of many teeth in the lodges of our enemies tonight.


Obama is right about the “liar” part.


“American strength and American exceptionalism is not just a matter of us bombing somebody”
Glad he said that out loud. McCain probably just had another heart attack.


I’m pretty sure the Libertarian and Constitution Party count as well, too, also.

There he goes again, apologizing for America.


Carbon-Negative things will come into play. Sooner than we think, which is good.

By the way, not only does the entire world disagree with the RWNJ’s on Climate Change, but the NSA, CIA, Pentagon and the business community.

The MSM being part of the business community, one would think that it would be extremely aggressive in calling out RWNJ politicians on their recalcitrance.

But the business community has its own “outliers” and the Business Plan of the MSM is the HorseRace For the Presidency, which requires the C.T.T. (Chuck Todd Treatment) of Republicans in all areas.


If you won’t believe climate change is a real thing, then you won’t push to commit to R&D for green energy technology. Leaders of other nations who DO believe climate change is a real thing will invest in R&D for green energy tech. Eventually, once it’s SO obvious that even the willful unbelievers come around to see that yes, this is an issue, guess where all the $$$ will go to purchase green energy technology? Overseas. “Make America Great Again?” Nope. Make America OUTSOURCE again. Again and again and again.


Fox: As we had suspected, Obama agrees with ISIS. Conservatives will always be against climate change because our enemies think its real.

Not only does the GOP deny climate change or that it’s human caused …they deny science in total. They deny evidence in a pile before their eyes. They say “facts have a liberal bias”.


Love the analogy.

Advanced world vs. the gop/bags…priceless!


Remember, it is only dear Donald who is allowed to denigrate people and facts. And then watch as his numbers surge. And he becomes a “leader”…as if polls were all that is necessary.


It is really unfair to characterize the GOP as being in the advanced world.


No, because they are bought and paid for oil (corporate masters) whores!

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The MSM are pretty outliery themselves, and of the energy industry we need not speak. But oh baby, how about the reinsurance folks? Climate change is a very real thing to them and they don’t like it one bit. The GOP can’t deny reality forever, even if reality is often complex and counterintuitive. It will bite you in the butt regardless, if you deny it all the time.


To paraphrase a favorite christian saying, Republicans are in the advanced world but not of it.


He cited former Republican President George H. W. Bush’s system to charge for emissions that caused acid rain in 1989 as an example.

Hell Nixon started the EPA and now a days they act like the epa is a terror group. They have completely lost their way in an effort to pull in the former majority, but now slowly disappearing voter group of right wing white males.


Yep. The GOP has made itself completely and totally irrelevant to the contemporary world. Its antiquated ideologies, which depend on repressing others, has passed its peak.

The GOP, in TV parlance, has long since jumped the shark.

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