Discussion: Obama Foundation Formally Announces Library's Chicago Site

Near the Museum of Science and Industry is a good choice. People will be able to visit two very important institutions that speak to the advancement of America.


Great. The park is where I played as a child, and the Museum of Science and Industry was the best experience a child could have. Good taste, Mr. President!


Todd Williams / Billie Tsien are great architects who will master the complex program for this building.

And the location is perfect. Can’t wait to visit.

What? You mean it’s not going to be in Obama’s birthplace, Kenya? The Donald will be incensed. (g)

Can’t he have more than one? A Hawaiian site would’ve been really incredible as well and that would help to justify the expense of going to Hawaii ; ) and from what I saw when I was there, Oahu could use the economic pick up in several places.

Plus, it would bug the hell out of the right that, while too embarrassed to still speak up about it, don’t believe the President was born in Honolulu Hawaii.

More like DIDN’T believe for most of them.

The ones who still don’t are embarrassing the country.

Really minor gripe: the example of the architect’s work is either The Reva and David Logan Center…" or “The Logan Center” – dropping the woman’s name is just tacky.

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