Discussion: NYT Op-Ed Rebuts Idea Pushed In WaPo That Married Women Are Safer

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Wingnut logic never makes any sense to me. WaPo’s Op-Ed is just another example of that. Sort of like their obsession with abstinence education. Another example of false claims falling flat against a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

For all the claims that RWNJs have supposedly learned their lesson and have given up on pursuing hot button social issues in their politics, they still clearly engage in going off the deep-end whenever the opportunity arises.

I see no evidence that they’ll ever let go of all the ways they want to socially engineer society to their liking…with whatever bogus study is made available to them. In fact ALEC probably has someone working on this very issue, with the aid of some asinine male rights group that feels so terribly victimized. Pshaw.


This must be very upsetting to George Will.


Counseling women to stay with abusers because to do otherwise meant “failing” and violating the sanctitiy of marriage used to be a complain often leveled against priests and pastors. Sad to see not much has changed.

And of course there’s the whole economic sexism thing…


This off topic but this story is such a fluff story with no meat whatsoever yet this following story goes uncovered by TPM


And yet another story


…unless it’s gay marriage…right?

The annoying thing to me about all the rightwing memes is that they always imply that it is the woman who does NOT want to get married. My life experience proved that is not even remotely true. It is the men who don’t want to get married. It is the married men who take on lovers. If I had a nickel for every married man who hit on me during the time that I was 20 through 45, I would be independently wealthy. In my 20s, I probably had a minimum of five married men a day putting moves on me. I lost two jobs because I would not sleep with the boss. Apparently, in the rightwing world every one is pure as the driven snow; and, everything would be perfect if not for leftwing sluts. What about all the rightwing politicians who have been caught with their pants down just in the last 10 years?! There is nothing that is equal to the hypocrisy of the right. Nothing!


I find it interesting that this “story about a story” doesn’t cite the authors of the original piece, which BTW was not Sara Schoener but W. Bradley Wilcox of Witherspoon Institute infamy…

Safer? I lived in a county at one time in which the local sheriff’s wife filed for divorce, claiming abuse. I don’t think anyone doubted her, but it was incredible how ho-hum people were about it. There were a couple of deputies in the same department who were reputed to engage in spousal abuse, as well as a couple of cops in one of the local police departments. How safe would you feel reporting abuse to these guys?

Are married women safer–or just quieter?


I always cringe when I hear someone assert that children are better off in two parent families.

They are better off in happy, well-adjusted two parent families.

How many times have I been told that when parents told their children that they were separating, and/or divorcing, often after “staying together for the sake of the children,” the children told them that they wished they had split a long time before?

How many times have I heard a woman say that one of the reasons she stayed as long as she did in an abusive relationship was because she had been deprived of her father when she was a child, and didn’t want that for her children?

It is great when parents can model happy, loving, healthy relationships for their children, but if that proves impossible, they can at least model healthy, loving, happy, relationships with their children, preferably coupled with respectful relationships with each other.


The Washington Post article focused on averages. The common wisdom is based on the notion that a two parent family is typically better than a single parent family. That may very well be true over the broad spectrum of possible situations, but averages have very little to do with individual marriages. Every marriage involves different people at different times in their lives. There is no way to apply broad group wide observations to individual situations.

When I see something like the Wapo scribble I am left wondering if the writer ever left his desk to live in the real world.

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Wake me in 2-1/2 years.

And your comment that this story is fluff is bunkum. As someone who used to prosecute abusers, I’ve seen the results of the attitude Shoener’s writing about up close and personal.