Discussion: NYT: Interim Ethics Chief Pushed To Consult WH Before Taking Actions

Ethics, schmethics. What’s that got to do with anything?


Know in the trades as…
The fix is in
Ethics dare not speak it’s name in the Trump organization


Would it be a crime for the OGE to be pressured into giving the tax break (worth millions) when it should legally not be allowed?


So ethics chief must get a green light from the people it is supposed to be an ethics watchdog over before it does anything.

It’s the Banana Republican way.


The only thing Trump and his followers know about morals and ethics is they are words that have no meaning.

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That ad at GrímaWormtongue.com worked like a charm…


Alert Jimmy Buffett. Americans no longer have to go down to the Banana Republics. They have come to us.


Anybody got an update? Has Scaramucci fired this guy for talking to a reporter yet?

And if Donald wants a favor, we will.

  1. Scaramucci probably sold his shares to a family member or someone holding them in trust for him…the kind of blind trust that tRump has that’s not really blind at all.

  2. The whole point of this White House is, how does this benefit me personally. Its a given. Forget appearances. Its embedded in its philosophy.

“This sort of political interference creates the appearance that the White House may be hoping to engineer looser oversight by reaching down and leapfrogging a career employee over his own supervisor temporarily.”


It’s depressing. Even if the Trump administration doesn’t last for four years, it will take a long time to undo the damage he’s done at so many government agencies.


‘Ethics, morals and values’…sorry Republicans. That ship sailed when you elected Trump.

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This morning Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhl used a phrase from their business reporting days when discussing the Trump White House’s apparent approach to the Sessions recusal and other issues: EAO (ethics are optional).


The swamp is so overflowing that there are now gators in the White House bird baths.


Alt-Ethics has made its public appearance.

It’s moving on us all like a b*tch.

Nope, The Mooch is still in the process of selling his fund company to a Chinese company tied to the Chinese government, a transaction requiring US government approval following a determination that it will not adversely impact US security interests. While the people making that determination are career employees, Dear Leader can overrule them.

Gosh, I bet The Mooch is really sweating this one out.

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Scaramucci probably sold his shares to a family member or someone holding them in trust for him

Nope, worse. A Chinese conglomerate (HNA) with an “opaque ownership structure” (Bloomberg) and a major stake in the major bank (DB) that’s lent Trump/ Kushner $100Ms and gotten fined $10B for Russian money laundering this year. I suppose it could’ve been the Bank of Cyprus instead, so the HNA acquisition of SkyBridge could be more suspicious.



Nothing to see here, folks. Just please move on.

Oy. Well, I was close when it comes to being covertly self-serving in some lousy way. I’m sure everything will come out in the wash, somehow…It always does when you wash money in a Chinese laundry with ties to Russia.