Discussion: NYT: DOJ To Scrutinize 'Race-Based Discrimination' In College Admissions

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Members of the KKK and Stormfront are oppressed. Trump should investigate colleges and universities to make sure people from those organizations gain admittance also.


I see that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions clearly has his KKK-loving little fingerprints all over this one…


Is there really a problem that needs to be solved here? Or, as I suspect, is this just some symbolic GOP crusade to bolster the morale of ignorant white Trump supporters. If so, why not also investigate “discrimination” against white elf-like midgets by the NBA.


Just a matter of time until they get around to becoming very, very concerned by the ratio of Jews to white “Christians” in this process. It will be an easy slip down the slippery slide of concern about the ratio of Asians to white people, which, in turn is going to follow from becoming concerned about black and Hispanic kids being admitted despite not being white.


The irony here is that Sessions will find that colleges have a high number of Asians and 1st generation immigrants due to their reliance on objective test scores. He will also learn that a lot of white folks either don’t want to go to college or would like to go but can’t afford it. His law suits/investigations will reveal that colleges have in fact used affirmative action to help lower income whites as much as minorities. He will then come to the realization that what is needed is more affirmative action based on socio-economic factors, not less. He will also become an advocate for free college to help more white kids get ahead.


Keep fiddling, Neroes…


If the tabulations “don’t fit the narrative”, it’ll be time to “unskew”.
This is a full-employment program for Rasmussen-like Admissions Consultants.


I said this years ago. The vast majority of universities rely on a diverse population of students. As in, foreign students. They have to be able to attract foreign students who have the money to pay and high achieving students. Now I’m sure that places like Liberty and BJU would love to sanction all White academia but any respectable accredited school isn’t going down this route.


This is desperation, plain and simple. It’s the transgender ban, firing Mooch (sob!), Kelly’s predominance (for the moment), etc. Trump is terrified. How many of his deplorables care about this … when it compares to their Medicaid being taken away?


They’ll reveal whatever they need to in order to support whatever Sessions wants to do.



Not a problem with first-tier colleges, but overseas students pay out-of-state tuition and are able to get Financial Aid from their home countries, so the universities don’t have to do it. They need the foreigners.
If Sessions and Trump tried anything they’d land in court instanter.


Deplorables needs kolege to. Shame to waste all that talent.


Of course.

Racist POS Sessions has had wet dreams to do this.


Not anything we don’t know. But good to see it out there, especially at a site geared toward young voters.


Colleges apparently need more bigots.


Are they going to look into legacy/my-dad-paid-for-a-building-on-campus admissions…I mean, while they’re investigating things.


Nor will they explore affirmative action that helps/encourages women to go into math or science programs.
Notice they are going after admissions based on race. That satisfies those that think they didn’t get in college because they are not a “minority”.

But hey, Black people that voted for Trump: What the hell did you have to lose?


Sessions’ goal in life: to keep POC from being successful

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I do think the question of reverse discrimination is a valid one since college admission is a zero-sum game. Affirmative action is intentionally discriminatory. The question is, do we want to do it anyway so that disadvantaged groups have a better chance at social mobility. It’s a tough question and one that is always going to be seen through an emotional and subjective, rather than a fully rational and objective, prism.

Discrimination based on race in college admissions is already illegal in California and, I believe, a few other states as well. IOW, since the late 90’s the UC system is not allowed to discriminate against whites in its admissions process – no quotas for minorities and no lowered standards for minorities. However…the last paragraph here says

In July, the ACLU filed a related lawsuit against the State of California alleging discrimination against high school students in low-income and minority neighborhoods. The ACLU charged that schools in affluent areas offered far more AP classes than those in low-income areas, disadvantaging many poor and minority students in college admissions. Both lawsuits are still pending.

which shows that judgements and laws against reverse discrimination can become a double-edged sword.