Discussion: NYT: DHS Sec. Was 'Close' To Resigning Over Trump Tantrum, Hasn't Done So

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Sorry, Kirstjen with a ‘J’. You knew what you were signing up for.


They never resign because they realize they’re working for the side of evil. They resign because they’re not getting enough respect from the boss.


Anoyher Republican with no principles.


Until this moment, [Mr. President], I think I never really gauged your cruelty, or your recklessness.

Anyone who stays has reached a career cul-de-sac. They’d better get all the goody baskets they can glom onto now, because once this is over, they’ll be unemployable.


What these people just don’t realize is that life is better if you’re even a little bit brave and refuse to be pushed around. Sometimes there’s a cost involved! You have to find a new job, or significant other. But you never regret it. And eventually it becomes a habit. It’s just better. So that’s my wish for these people. Be brave. You know that song they play at ball games? What’s the last word in that thing? Remember?


Working for this guy is like taking a hammer and smashing yourself in the head repeatedly with it. And then they are surprised when it hurts?!!!


Which means she was “close to” behaving like an ethical public servant and human being.

No dice.


Cry me a fucking river and then cry some more. If you don’t like being torn a new one and humiliated in front of your peers then fucking resign. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. All dignity and self-respect sacrificed on the altar of ambition. Pathetic.


Yelled at for resisting an order to maximize cruelty to defenseless, helpless people and her fee-fees are hurt because it was a completely unjustified ass-chewing as she is not either resisting his order to maximize cruelty.

Fuck these fucking sociopaths with a rusty chainsaw, each and everyone of them.

Jesus. You know who separates kids from families? Fucking Nazis, that’s who. Fuck her Nazi snowflakery, fuck every last evil one of these fuckers and fuck every last person who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary.


trumpers (boss especially) are utterly devoid of humanity, conscience, logic and morals and much more. They are utterly incompetent.

Allow me to relate my own personal experience recently with TSA:
Passing thru TSA security my right knee set off the metal detector since it is now metal and teflon. I had a total knee replacement recently. The TSA guy says to me gruffly “Wassat?!” “No worries sir, I have had a total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis.” Well" He says…“Can ya take it out??”. Feeling my temper rise, I asked to see his supervisor…The supervisor asked the same exact question “Can ya take it out”?? At this point my wife intervened and said “Honey, show them the scar”…which I did. I was “wanded” again and the knee closely examined. Eventually I was passed on thru.I wrote a formal letter to TSA asking for an apology. None was ever offered. I might’ve got one if I was a Canadian Government Minister.
This is just one small … important only to me … vignette into a government totally out of wack.


a lack of courage for her convictions


“Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, ‘told colleagues she was close to resigning’ from that post after being yelled at by President Donald Trump.”

“Fortunately,” she continued, “I remembered that I was a craven, greedy, second-rate toady who was utterly devoid of moral compass, human decency, or self-respect, and driven by selfish ambition from an epic, all-encompassing ego that makes me perfectly willing to cower and lie without blinking, in exchange for a few, fleeting crumbs of power and riches. So I stayed.”


I live very close to the Mexican border. I can assure everyone that trump has zero (and I do mean none) understanding of the borderlands, the history, its people or much else. And he does not care to learn which is worse. He thinks he knows and that makes him a genius in his own mind. Compounding tht his his inherent white privilege attitude. He’s rich so everyone else must bow to his lordship. Especially anyone with skin darker than his.

It’s called RACISM

trump fears people, especially anyone darker than he is and who can speak a language he cannot understand. He is convinced he is better than anyone else and is owed status. He thinks he is above the law. Above all and owed everything. Why else make a statement that “everyone thinks I should get the Nobel Peace Prize” as he did a couple days ago. I deeply hope that Mueller lowers the boom on trump and that I live to see it. I want to see him guilty of a RICO charge and forced to forfeit every penny. All of it. Every building, hotel, company, bank account, house, of any kind whatever that has any value.


That’s an impressive show of principle. Who knew that white supremacists could be so caring and compassionate?


Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


That falls in the same category as having “close” to good character.


Mind if I use this? It has so many applications to so many in the mal-administration. I’ll give due credit.

my aren’t you naive - they will all appear in after years on Fox as hosts or be interviewed as washington insider pundits for the next decade


the old ballgame?