Discussion: NYT Debunks Theory That Dem Voters Sabotaged Cantor

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33 Jews in Democratic House and Senate
0 Jews in Republican House and Senate

Gee wonder why ?

Blacks not welcome in the GOP
Hispanics not welcome in the GOP
Now they get rid of Jews in their caucus

Disgusting what the GOP has become !


Me: Look the NYT just debunked your theory.
Wingnuts: Yeah, sure. The NY Times. Librul hooey!
Me: Ok, then here’s Fox News debunking your theory. ( http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/06/11/cantors-defeat-mythbuster-edition/ )
Wingnuts: ((crickets))


Cantor’s pollster couldn’t fathom the notion that Virginia Republicans had simply rejected his boy out of hand and that he hadn’t foreseen a bit of it. Much easier to blame the Democratic boogeyman than to accept his own incompetence.

Too bad his excuse didn’t survive even a single day.


They’re too busy being post orgasmic of Fox News main story being Sec. Hagel saying that they could’ve handled aspects of the Bergdahl swap better, and nothing on his chastisement of their pitchforks and torches mentality.


It was either my way, obstruction, the President’s way, the Speaker’s ante room or the highway. I’m taking the highroad on the highway and blaming the left.

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Virginia has a closed primary. Democrats would have to change their registration by whatever the deadline is to vote in the GOP primary.

“Only 5,722 votes were cast in precincts where Mr. Cuccinelli failed to eclipse 40 percent of the vote. Mr. Brat won by 7,212 votes over all.”

OK…uhhh…I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but wouldn’t we consider Democratic precincts to be where Cooch failed to eclipse 50% of the vote? How many votes were cast in those districts, and how does that compare to 7,212?

I think it’s important for Republicans should use any excuse other than their obsolete platform of hate to justify this. That way they will continue to make the same mistakes over ond over again.


Did the last 13 “autopsies” do them any good? NO! Either will another one. Whatever Reince…whatever.

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“Virginia has a closed primary. Democrats would have to change their registration by whatever the deadline is to vote in the GOP primary.”

This is incorrect. It was an open primary.

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If you are real conservative like Eric Cantor, facts don’t matter. You simply create your own fantasy bubble that is the real reality. As far as Cantor is concerned, he made more money and spent more money at steakhouses than the pesky Prof. Da Brat. He believes his own McLaughling poll that has him up by 34%.

Hey I just hope they keep believing that. Don’t change one little thing Republicans. Now get back to your gerrymandering and vote suppression.

If I had a dollar for every GOP claim that has been thoroughly debunked, yet continues to be repeated ad nauseum by the conservative noise machine, I’d be richer than Bill Gates.

What this “debunking” fails to even consider is that there WAS NO DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE on the ballot in the Virginia 7th. The Democratic nominee was given the nominee by Virginia Democrats 7th District Committee unanimous decision before election day even arrived.

So any Democrats voting in that District by definition was a cross-over vote yesterday. This “debunking” is some seriously weak sauce bit of nothing.

" his pollster attributed the defeat to Democrats voting against Cantor in the primary"

Yep, this from the party of “personal responsibility”…

Never mind. One thing you simply cannot do with this bunch of half-baked nuts is to confuse their opinions with facts.

The buffoonlicans now see the path to defeat in November; it started with Cantor and will end with Boehner.