Discussion: NYPD Cops Again Turn Backs On De Blasio At Officer Liu's Funeral

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and CNN is fanning the flames of discord. They spent the 12:00 hour (central time) connecting the police murders to the protesters in Ferguson in NYC. They went so far as to repeat the discredited FOX story that protesters were chanting “kill cops.” Shame on you, CNN (and I apologize as I posted something similar on another thread)




Officer Liu’s widow had requested that the police not again make this about themselves, and many of them respected that.

But I guess the rest are still too busy pouting to hear.


The NYPD is demonstrating far more about themselves, than any discord with the Mayor. They are acting like little boys; bullies, ignorant and beligerant. Grown men, no matter how they personally feel would respect their uniform, their office, their duty to the public and the office of the Mayor. These men are pathetic and loosing ground with more of the public when they behave this way.


Groups who protest at funerals:

  1. NYPD

  2. Westboro klan

Nice company, fuckheads.


I have to wonder if these are the cops who stand there while another cop chokes a man to death and never say, “Hey, let go, he’s down, you can ease up now, we have your back.” And then call it the blue brotherhood.

Meanwhile giving this crazy murderer exactly what he hoped for - being tied to a cause he was hijacking on a murderous rampage he was going to commit anyway. Five years ago it would have been bankers or, lacking a cause to make him some headlines, he’d have just killed a bunch of women in addition to his girlfriend.


I have no respect for the NYPD who feel hurt by the honesty of the NYC Mayor.


These guys are inside the blue bubble, they don’t see that such behavior is not just disrespectful to the mayor and the city of NY, but to the families of the slain officers, and will gain them little support among the general public. Pat Lynch needs to wash The Stupid from his hands.

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As a New Yorker, thus someone who pays their salaries, I am disgusted by the behavior of these cops. It’s infantile and thuggish. De Blasio was elected by 72% of the voters and the NYPD should show some respect for that. For us. I’ve never felt more alienated from the NYPD (in 35 years in NYC). Eric Garner was murdered, and where is the feeling for his family? The police department has done serious damage to its relationship with New Yorkers of all iterations.


On a more hopeful note:

<img src=“http://www.post-gazette.com/image/2015/01/04/ca0,147,600,747/chief0104.jpg” /img>

Paraphrased from the Post-Gazette: New Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay, taken by activists who asked him pose with their sign.

Unfortunately, the FOP responded like the assholes in New York would, playing the victim like good little fascists and denying racism exists among their ranks…


They should be fired, but that only happens in the private sector. Every cop that turned their back on one of their own should be fired, without benefits

what assholes. Using an officer’s funeral as a venue for their nonsense. It’s so disrespectful.


Pat Lynch IS the stupid.

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Certainly these cops have a right to make a political statement by turning their backs on the mayor. And they are entitled to their opinions that he somehow has “blood on his hands.” But if they want to avoid looking hypocritical, they should also condemn the NRA for its support of “cop killer” bullets and other positions that are at odds with protecting not only society, but the police as well.

I’ll bet not one of those who turned their backs has resigned from the NRA, which means they are hypocrites.

What a bunch of self important babies.

Disrespecting Liu’s funeral in order to play politics. These pigs should resign.


Republicans will be ditching their convenient new police union buddy like Cliven Bundy on steroids, the moment those cops start asking for a raise.

The cops doth protest too much. De Blasio said nothing that any responsible parent of a kid with a heatlhy quotient of melanin wouldn’t say. If they can’t figure that out:

Fuck them.