Discussion: NYC Councilman: Kushner Firm Flouted Rules, Endangered Tenants

What!!! I am shocked and surprised by this. I thought the Kushners were such an upstanding family…!



Slumlords. Corrupt to the core. Few years back a landlord in So Korea was stood in front of a firing squad after one of his buildings collapsed, killing a number of tenants, injuring others. He had avoided inspections in the building process.


666 Fifth Avenue. Says it all right there.


Sooner or later the Pencil-Necked Dauphin will go to jail.


Long past time to take Jared to the woodshed, with a bone saw.

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House arrest in his worst unit would be appropriate.


AP Headline and first sentence: “flouted rules” and “allowed buildings to avoid safety inspections.”

Facts in article: concerted campaign to avoid scrutiny; purposefully lied on paperwork to avoid inspections. I would not be surprised if there are large cash Christmas gifts to inspectors and managers in the City Building Department.


Is there any news here?

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And to me there’s the outsourcing of managing the paperwork, concerning construction. They plaster their name all over a building duriing construction but it’s really another cutout that’s in control of the harassment.


When I lived in ny, I had some experience with renovations and C of O. In some senses it’s not a big thing (the small building I was in went without one for years at a time) but the crucial part is that you (in theory) can’t lawfully sell or lease units for residential purposes. (I’m not sure about renewing a lease). So as soon as anyone new moved into one of those building, Kushner & co knew they were breaking the law. (And could also be liable for rents they collected while the building was without a valid certificate.)

And yeah, the inspectors quite likely knew.


Jared can never get his paperwork right.


Yes, shocked. However, as someone who rehabbed a couple of 1926 apartment buildings, while not receiving a single complaint from residents nor a single valid inspection complaint, I can in some ways sympathize with the firm. From experience you get inspectors that (1) just want to do a good job, (2) have it in for the owners and look for reasons to issue a citation and (3) those looking for cash. For (3) I’ll cite the multiple inspectors who would say a bedroom would not pass because an additional outlet needed to be installed because one wall was 1-2 inches longer than code allowed for the number of outlets on the wall. They always would want to spend 25 minutes describing the wall, then when we would “hesitate” would threaten to issue the paper. A couple of times we said go ahead and immediately they would back off. Infrequently was a citation issued and when we went to the building board they shook their heads mentioning that there was always a little “wiggle” room allowed for this exact case. They actually opened a bribery case when the same inspectors appeared repeatedly on citations. As for type (2) our instructions to our contractors were to refuse admittance and call the lawyers. The inspectors would usually storm around but immediately disappear when the attorney would appear. Took about 3-4 times before building departments would assign a different inspector. The number (1) inspectors were great to work with and we hadn’t a problem holding up work so that they could do their jobs. Frequently the inspector had suggestions how to accomplish a difficult mod, these suggestions alone would save time/money far more than that spent awaiting for them to complete. All in all inspections would end up making the CofO paperwork process fly past which meant we got tenants back into their apartments quickly.


“At Tuesday’s news conference, the head of Housing Rights Initiative said that many landlords, not just the Kushners, were flouting the rules and regulators need to crack down.”
Great choice of quotes AP, everyone does it all the time.
Try mentioning that elected officials need to be held to ethical standards. But no, everybody’s a greedy crook, so it’s ok that those who make the laws and regulations also be greedy crooks.

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After a close trim with a bone saw.