Discussion: NYC Cop Ambushed, Shot To Death In Marked Police Truck

Ok, Donnie, start politicizing the tragic death of this officer. 3.2.1…

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Obviously this tragedy means we have to invade North Korea. And mine more coal.

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“This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”
— The Quisling from Queens, Jan. 20, 2017


Inspired by “Black Lives Matter”; echoes BLM rhetoric word for word. Can we call them terrorists now?

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I would not call BLM terrorists, but I would definitely call them a hate group. Their website is an absolute disgrace, and they have preached violence, etc.

Even more embarrassing is that for this great lady who worked in a tough neighborhood trying to make it a better place, only 6 comments on here, and most are to talk about Trump. Pathetic.

It’s sad that when somebody riled up about bad cops goes out to murder one, they almost always murder a good cop. It’s the good cops who care enough to make themselves vulnerable while they try to do the best job they can. BLM encourages cop killing, and they certainly don’t insist that if someone is going to kill a cop, they kill the right cop because it’s all about deniability; BLM wants all cops killed, and they don’t want responsibility for any of the cops they do get killed.