Discussion: NY Ex-Con Charged With Planning New Year's Eve Bar Terror Attack

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Thus, according to the Republican presidential candidates, conclusively proving that we are losing the war against Isis, we need “boots on the ground” in Syria, that Obama is a secret Muslim, the ACA is killing jobs, and Global Climate Change is a hoax.


Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist…this has to be one of the dumbest criminal terrorist accounts I’ve heard of to date…well, almost.

Lutchman had no money, so the informant paid $40 for the items, according to the complaint filed in federal court in Rochester.

So even without any money, this idiot thought he could pull off some kind of large scale attack within the US…using machetes. Got it. Don’t they teach anything in prison anymore? First, you have to rob a bank or sell a bunch of dope to finance your scary terrorist scheme, it would seem. This is weak tea. And being a recent convert to Islam would include a large portion of any prison population these days.

Plus, the article says he’s 25, with his criminal history dating back a decade for robbery. Oh-my…when he was 15? Sounds like a scary dude to me. And here I thought juvenile records were sealed. Something about this hair-on-fire reporting by the AP stinks to high heaven. If its vigilance that people should have over New Years, this doesn’t exactly do it in getting the word out. Better to just tell people to keep their eyes and ears open to any possibly shady stuff and leave it at that…or is that too difficult?


Islamic Sate, ISIS, News Years Eve, Convert to Islam…“behind enemy lines”…well that’s all nice but has nothing to do with. Stupidity…that’s the whole thing. This guy was dumb as a rock. “wat”…from ISIS? This poor guy was taken for a ride. Now he’ll rot for the rest of his life.


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I’m looking now, but there was a Harry Anderson quote about suckers that’s very relevant to this story.

If anyone knows it, let me know please.


And now we have this…

Anyone thinking this guy is some kind of ISIS mastermind is plain nuts. This story sounded blown up from the get-go imo.