Discussion: Not Even Kathy Lee Gifford Will Defend Bill Cosby Anymore

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I don’t think many Americans are defending Cosby anymore, other than Cosby and his wife. A gifted comedian and actor in a TV sit-com can be a real slime ball. We know this now. Let’s move on Hopefully someone will find a way to bring charges, It’s outrageous that there should be a statute of limitations on sexual molestation, but there seems to be, even if there are more than 20 women making allegations. Disappointed, yes, especially that this slime ball can be out free refusing to answer to those who make these (probably true) accusations.


As the late Jimmy Durante used to say: “Everybody wants ta git inta da act!”

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CosbY literALLY raPED bY GiffORDs cLAIM that CoSBY triED to RAPE her MOUTH wiTH HIS TONgue. ANother LIBTard nobodY LOOKing for her 15 minUTES OF FAME!111!!!1one!!1!!!


who wouldn’t want to admit to being DRUGGED and RAPED?

WHO wouldn’t be THRILLED to expose their innermost shame to a slathering…cynical and heartless public such as you?

How glamorous.


As goes Kathy Lee so goes her doorman.
The dope required to knock out Mrs. Gifford would require several large mugs not merely a loaded cappuccino…


No, being slut shamed and called a “victim” is something that supposedly everyone aspires to. Like a badge. Or so I’ve been told…by idiots.


Evidently snark is over your head.
Read my several prior comments about Cosby and his probable culpability before coming at me as some male pig.

Once you’ve lost the overseas sweatshop owner demographic…


GR, AnnieW was replying to MrCritesnide, not you.

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Yep, my sarcasm was directed elsewhere. But I’m sorry if it hurt your feelings. Not joking.

And I wasn’t criticizing him either. I was being snarky about being a victim is a sought out status. It is a belief out there on the RW blogs. See George Will.

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As Ralph Kramden used to say: “Humma, humma, humma”.

I got a million of em…Ha cha cha cha !

Well, hell, once you lose Kathy Lee Gifford you might as well call it night.

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It would be nice if she called out her old mentor Anita Bryant.

“I will admit, towards the very end of the last time I saw him he did try to kiss me,”

What, are married folks trying to kiss her an everyday occurrence for her that she didn’t think anything of it?

“Bill would be going onstage, he would have made cappuccinos for all three of us,”

Knowing what we know now, that’s seriously creepy…

Kathy Lee, Kathy Lee,
You are my personal fantasy.

Don’t be silly . And I’m using all lower case .

LOL! I remember this bimbo volunteering herself (w/o being asked) as the Kennedy inner circle spokesperson when John F. Jr, his wife and sister-in-law were tragically lost in a plane crash off Martha’s Vineyard… She knew everybody.