Discussion: North Korea Mess: Trump And Pompeo Out Of Step Over Declaration To End Korean War

No wonder many of Trump’s business initiatives went bankrupt. His reputation as an excellent negotiator and entrepreneur is a total fraud. He is a total fraud.


…Kim feels that he’s being yanked around and made to look foolish by the Americans reneging on their promises.

Hey, Kim, how do you think we feel about being yanked around and made to look foolish by the Americans reneging on their promises?


He must be shocked to discover that other world leaders aren’t just like a defenseless carpet installer who he can stiff.


Now, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is demanding that the North Koreans hand over 60 to 70 percent of their nuclear warheads in the next six to eight months before they get the declaration.

Problem - what if they only have four nukes? If they hand over three that’s 75%, but that’s too much. If they hand over two that’s 50%, but that’s not enough, but the third bowl of porridge was just right.


Wow. I knew Spanky was an idiot but I did not think his national security team were also. News flash guys. The Korean war functionally ended the year I was born and believe me that was a long time ago. If the Norks want a formal peace treaty after all these years then give them one. You can even make it a big deal and make a TV event out of it. At this point a peace treaty with them is meaningless and you do not have to remove American troops from the South just because they want you to. Take away their excuse to not get rid of their nukes and ICBMs and watch then squirm. What a bunch of dolts.

The difference between Kim and a Trump supporter is Kim is much more intelligent.


His acquisition of, and destruction of, the Eastern Shuttle is an hilarious story. Overpaid for it by about $60 million (the Eastern execs must have laughed their asses off), mismanaged it (horribly and comically), drove it into bankruptcy in less than two years, and left dozens of creditors holding millions in worthless paper.

Of course, the bankers who continued to lend him money after that very public fiasco aren’t exactly business geniuses, either.


Some say the Korean summit was a complete ruse.

Others say it was a complete cock-up.

I’m on the fence on this.


Trump - The World’s Greatest Negotiator and Deal-maker - needs to again meet one-on-one with Kim and get this straightened out. Pompeo has obviously screwed up the best deal in history and put the entire Korean Peninsula/Japan region, if not the whole world, at risk.


Mission Accomplished II at a theater near you.


You need only apply Trumpian Logic to resolve this dilemma. If we allow that the requisite percentage must be a whole number between 60 and 70 then we simply allow Kim to build 100 nuclear warheads. Problem solved.

“I would give myself an A-plus.”


Guess that Noble Peace Prize ain’t gonna happen…


But didn’t we all know this from the start? I mean those of us who live in the world of FACTS and REALITY that is, not REALITY TV?


I am not a foreign policy super genius, but I’m not clear on the practical difference between the DPRK having five nuclear weapons and having ten.

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“…Americans reneging on their promises.”

This has become our signature move.


Trump is out of step with democracy.

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Kim feels that he’s being yanked around and made to look foolish by the Americans reneging on their promises.

Trump recently cancelled Pompeo’s trip to North Korea reportedly due to an angry letter he received from Kim.

oh yeah… this is gonna end well.

who could have predicted this turn of events? /s


But! … But! … What about The Handshake?