Discussion: No Amount Of Money Is Going To Stop Donald Trump

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The only way to beat Trump, he said, is to do to Trump in the early primary states – make him the “loser.”

This is wise thinking and it’s not impossible, e.g. not with Cruz bucking to take Iowa. If Trump can get Iowa, though, or come very close, New Hampshire should then be easy. Ditto South Carolina, and with those knocked down, he’ll be “off to the races!”


Republicans derailing Trump would be like them aborting a fetus they had so lovingly conceived, and we all know they’re against that.


Please edit “What’s a presidential candidate that’s polling in the single digits got to loose?” It’s a peeve of mine. Fortunately I don’t keep them as pets.


It’s merely a spell-check resistant error! You don’t need to elevate it to the freighted echelon of a peeve! Loose your attitude! :smile: :sunglasses:


Trump: Runaway Cold Fusion. Unstoppable!

I personally believe that trump will win the Republican nomination.

That having been said however, I also believe he will lose the general election to Clinton 65% to 35%, because many Republicans will stay home, and the percentage of serious, informed voters will be very high.


Why does anyone (including the MSM) think the GOP wants to stop the Donald. The establishment of the GOP (the rich aristocracy like Bush) is not what the GOP is all about these days…the GOP has been about white male Christian Nationalism for many years now.

Bush took us to war by invading Iraq because God spoke to him and approved…that is today’s GOP. Trump is playing right into Bush’s religious war. We invaded Iraq as much for religious reasons as anything else.

The American people and our MSM media need to wake up and smell the coffee - the rest of the world knows the US Republican Party is a racists and right wing Christian party. This is the main reason our military occupations around the globe are being so widely rejected from multiple sources. We are not a Democracy and the world knows it…we are a Plutocracy and no one wants us.


Go back and look at Nixon’s “Silent Majority,” Reagan’s “State’s Rights,” George H. W. Bush’s “Willie Horton” ad, and Jesse Helms’s “they had to give (your job) to a minority because of a racial quota” ad. And here we are today.


Your write!


The notion that the “establishment” or the party’s “adults” ultimately control the process

there’s the problem… no adults in the party :cocktail: :tropical_drink:


I would also note that big time Trump support is in the states that are already red. Not a chance he wins more than 1 swing state even if he gets the nomination (Nate Silver has him as a very slim chance for the nomination). All general election polls now are just general, not specific to all states. Trump blowing out Hillary in Mississippi means nothing if he loses Ohio, etc. He would indeed get blown out in the general, which is why even though the chances are slim, I hope he wins the nomination.

But it’s a great story the media can feed off, and it is the media keeping him popular.


Why should they?

His far-out proposals don’t seem to turn off the media. Three national networks, you say?


Trump is like the boyfriend with the motor cycle. The harder you try to keep your daughter away, the more she wants to date him.

Exactly. Captures a lot of what I’ve been thinking about both Trump and his rabid followers.


also, it’s “fazed” not “phased”. DO YOU THINK GRAMMAR IS A MOTHERFUCKING GAME? :wink:


We should remember that David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, who had ties to other white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups, received 38% of the votes in his electoral bid to be Governor of Louisiana in 1991. It is not that Republicans do not care, so much as that a substantial number of Republicans fully embrace the xenophobic, racist and misogynistic positions that Trump represents. And unfortunately, the early Republican primary states are controlled by these individuals. By the time the RNC is able to exert influence in the process, the Trump train will have left the station, on time, no doubt.


if only a Republican donor were to write a big enough check

Because your candidates are so terrible and weak they can’t do it on their own? That’s a recommendation to be POTUS.


There [are] Trump stumbles to be had…

What would a Trump stumble look like? Given what he’s already said and done with impunity, it’s difficult to imagine what a genuine stumble would consist of.


He would indeed get blown out in the general, which is why even though the chances are slim, I hope he wins the nomination.

I cannot agree with your assessment of his chances in the General. If he’s the nominee there is a slim chance he could win. Hillary could get caught with a dead boy or a live girl in her bed. Or be abducted by aliens. Something completely strange might happen^. And for that reason, I have to hope that Rubio (or one of the other not-quite-as-insane-as-Trump/Cruz Republicans) wins the nomination.

^And this is why I believe no Republican should ever run unopposed, even in the reddest district. You never know when/where lightning will strike.


“A significant $1 million ad buy paid for by the Club for Growth in
September had a short-term and limited affect on Trump’s standing in
Iowa.” needs some work as well. The sloppiness of this article distracted me from its points.