Discussion: 'Nightly Show' Talks To Good Cop And Bad Cop About 'YouTube Effect' (VIDEO)

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This bad cop should have waited for the good cop

What the fuck is going on with some of these cops? How does someone flashing their high beams escalate into shoot the kid 7 times? No I’ve never been a cop, but man, seems like just about the only reason to pull your gun is if someone else has a gun and is shooting first, either at you or others.

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Why are they scared? Even with videos they still arent being indicted…


AutoPlay is bullshit, please stop doing it.


All the you tube videos, and body cameras mean nothing. Did we not learn anything from the Rodney King trial? As long as society views black people as scary, and less than human these things will continue.

White supremacy is bred into the fabric of this country, police are modern day overseers tasked with one job, protect white people from the scary dark people.


Too polite.

AutoPlay is bullshit. STOP IT. NOW.

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Suggestion: How about? if you have a Prime subscription, then you don’t have autoplay? If not… sorry… they gotta pay the bills somehow…

I got rid of almost all of this problem, on all websites, by installing Flashcontrol, a browser app (I mostly use Chrome). Sorry if this blocks a few ads but it has kept me from leaving the site entirely, as autoplay is such an infuriating thing I would often just shut down rather than try to deal with it. Since they’re mostly Flash I can now control what I see and when I want to watch it. What a relief!

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Yep, I’m at the point of simply disabling Flash altogether.

I’m already using AdBlock Plus and Ghostery, apparently I’ll have to add more privacy tools to the repertoire.

I was very much there, till I got FlashControl. I’d hate doing without Flash entirely but this gives me back full control.

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