Discussion: Nigeria Agrees To Security Summit On Boko Haram

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Has FOX “We Distort; You Abide” News and it’s panel of ghoulish and depraved pundits called this nothing but an “exercise in self esteem” yet?
Bet George Will and Brett Hume really got a knee slapping laugh out of the pictures sent by the leaders of Boko Haram of some of the 200+ kidnapped girls, many of whom have already been sold into slavery. And after laughing, I’m sure they began, in throes of compassion and heartfelt concern, a session of weeping and wailing about the four deaths at Benghazi…because, uhhhhhhhh…BENGHAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

BTW: 60 deaths at consulates and embassies under GWBush and 0 Republicans said a damned word… and FOX Spews {{{{ Outrage! }}}} was ZERO!
The FOX & Bagger Echo Chambers and their odious Rightie shills play Benghazi as the greatest international blunder of all time…all time we say!!! But they don’t give a damn about these 200 young African women because they don’t see any political gain for Republicans…yet!

Nigeria needs to arm as many soldiers as possible, root every single Boko Haram terrorist out, and put a bullet in them. Counter-terrorist psych warfare goodies like dipping the bullets in pigs blood (or threatening to) are optional.

These lunatics are beyond salvation and have moved into ‘rabid dog’ territory. It’s time for people to fight fire with fire.

Shoot every single one of them

This can’t turn out well for Boko Haram.

This can’t be seen as window dressing. Too much is at stake here. The immediate future for these young girls/women, and the future of the continent. Africa, take a look at the middle east and see what terrorism has done. This doesn’t have to be. Bullies count on their victims to be weak and cave in.