Discussion: New Rules In Trump Travel Ban Won't Keep Engaged Couples Apart

If the travel restrictions and visitor and immigration policies are to safeguard the 50 states, then why isn’t Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan on the list?

Trump’s policy may draw a lot attention and play to his white nationalist movement, but it makes no sense in keeping America safe from an application standpoint or practical standpoint.

It’s complicated…and so it is beyond Trump’s ability and he’s been horrible at
hiring quality and qualified sr. staff members. It’s a failing plan.

Government officials gave no explanation for why fiances were omitted in the first place but said the decision to allow engaged couples to be together was based in part on language in the Immigration and Nationality Act, the law long used to determine what constitutes a close relationship.

In other words, the White House consulted itself on the ban instead of talking to the people who know this shit because they have been doing it as a career for years.

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