Discussion: New Poll: Americans Say Spending Cuts Would Be Worth Gov't Shutdown

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But, did the poll say what those spending cuts should and would be? I have an idea that being fiscally conservative appeals to as many Democrats as it does Republicans … it’s the means of achieving the ends that is the sticking point. Republicans want to give it all away to the wealthy and the military/industrial complex … Democrats worry more about the general population. I’m sure that there is a middle-road (compromise to offend the Republicans) but it’s not going to happen in the current climate thanks to the Republicans.


In related news, most people are stupid/uneducated and have no idea what they are responding to in polls, nor how a shutdown or debt default would affect them.

You can’t govern a fact-based world based on opinions from people who have no idea what they are talking about


And where are the voters who think we should raise the debt limit, and raise taxes to help pay for spending. Why should we be talking about spending cuts? The massive cuts of 2011 are still there, and lest we forget, the sequester is still in effect. We should increase spending, not decrease it.

Tea party backers represent around one-fifth of those in the AP-GfK poll.

How does a group of people who only have a 17% approval rating, make up 20% of respondents (assuming that not all people who approve of them are actual tea partiers)?


"The AP-GfK Poll of 1,027 adults was conducted online Oct. 15 to 19. "
Online polls are notoriously unreliable and very easy to spoof.
On the other hand the American Public is dangerously IGNORANT of how their own Government works and all the things it does for them. Not the least of which is how damaging to the Economy any kind of Gov. Shutdown would be.
Lets see how they like it when all airlines stop flying because the FAA is shutdown, all Air Traffic Controllers are going unpaid, and Military is not being paid. That is just the tip of the iceberg, wait until S.S. checks don’t get sent out, Medicare and Medicaid submissions are not being processed, Food Inspections, Port Security, Border Security, and that is just Federal. The States will close offices because their Federal Funds have dried up, etc. etc. etc.
Americans are generally MORONS and they like it that way. USA! USA! USA!


Isn’t that always the case? We’re all generally in favor of spending less, and lower taxes when there’s no focus on what that actually means. republicans have been great at feeding the perception that there’s all sorts of “fat” that can be painlessly cut from the federal budget. This isn’t generally the case, and the one area where it’s probably true, the military, is the one that republicans are utterly against cutting.

Of course, this fixation on slashing the federal government and debt only applies when Democrats are in power oddly.


Still, a significant 4 in 10 think that’s only somewhat likely — even
though most economists think a default would seriously hurt the world

To paraphrase the great John Oliver: “Who cares what these people think? We might as well ask them ‘Are there hats?’ It doesn’t change the facts.”


THANK YOU! That was exactly what I was thinking readign the opinion of a predominately White, affluent poll responder. Cutting Social Security that they would have to rely upon? Hell no! Cutting the budget (or outright eliminating) of the Dept. of Education and/or Health and Human Services? Absolutely!

So, people that couldn’t get 5 words into a comprehensible explanation of LIBOR, the Federal Reserve, mercantilism, costate equations, liquidity, coase theorum, Keynesianism or anything more complicated that how to buy gasoline and beer are polled about the debt ceiling. Good to know.


If you look at the actual poll, it really doesn’t ascertain if people know anymore about the issue than Ben Carson did.

Secondly, it’s pretty irrelevant if people say they ‘support spending cuts’ but are not asked WHAT spending cuts they would support.
In a 2011 poll;
They were asked;
"In another proposal, Congress would raise the debt ceiling only if a balanced budget amendment were passed by both houses of Congress and substantial spending cuts and caps on future spending were approved. Would you favor or oppose this proposal?
Favor 66%
Oppose 33%
THEN they were asked what they were willing to cut ( go to the poll to see the results; http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2011/images/07/21/rel11b.pdf

Basically it was;
" No, don’t cut THAT".
“No, not THAT”.
No, not THAT either".
In other words, they were not willing to cut anything when asked specifically.


Worthless poll. People have no clue what the debt limit is or that spending has been cut to the bone. They don’t know that the deficit is falling at the fastest rate in decades so how the hell can the make an informed response to poll.


Now let’s poll a hundred economists and see if the result is similarly split (Spoiler alert! Economists on both sides of the aisle would favor NOT letting the gov shut down). Representative democracy exists precisely for such times when the wishes of the majority are at odds with what is actually good for the country.


This would hold a lot more value and water if those “Americans” really understood that the cuts would come from their lives also or were only people polled the 1% and independently wealthy?

This is why the conservatives and religious right want to cut education and increase religious indoctrination of the youth, so that there isn’t a functioning brain cell between the voters.

it’s frightening what the combination of low-information voters and low-information reporters results in… do you honestly think these people have a clue what the ramifications would be from a shutdown. apparently the previous experience has been wiped from their memory: when they didn’t get their checks on time; or couldn’t visit the national parks; or their phone calls/emails to their representatives went unanswered… or the thousands who were furloughed.

and don’t even bother trying to explain that raising the debt ceiling is to pay the bills for past expenditures…


How odd that the public insists on fewer services, rather than insisting that taxes, which are the lowest in the industrialized world, be returned to appropriate levels.

Mainstreaming the crazy: That’s the Republicans’ big accomplishment in the Obama years.


I saw a poll around that time (might have been the same one) that also asked questions such as:

Would you like to see more or less money spent on schools?
Would you like to see more or less money spent on the military?
Would you like to see more or less money spent on healthcare?
Would you like to see more or less money spent on social services?

“More” was the answer across the board. When followed up with “And how much more would you be willing to pay in taxes in order to pay for these things?” the answer was a universal, “None. We’re taxed too much already.”


God damn people are so ignorant about the debt. They think there’s some big power that’s going to demand we pay them back and if we don’t they’ll kick our ass and destroy our country. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. People have no knowledge of economics at all.

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Fine! Since we spend something like the next seventeen nations COMBINED on our military (the vast majority of whom are our allies, not our adversaries), let’s close down some of the thousands of military outposts we have around the globe and cut back on the immense investment in weapons.

Oh, no, wait – can’t do that – instead we’ll have to starve our own citizens, deny them health care and stop educating to our kids.

In other words - worthless

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