Discussion: New Hampshire Auctioneer Selling Ku Klux Klan Robe

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Nobody in the family knew he was affiliated with the Klan.

Deniability, a Republican tradition…


“I’m hoping people will be adult about it,” he said.

…It’s as if he understands the concept of being adult.



Well, except that was the POINT of the robe and hood and goofy vainglorious official KKK names and doin’ it all in the dark. Now this fine upstanding gentleman’s secret innocent dalliance with fantasies of crusades against the Dark Forces of Satan and setting fire to big pieces of wood and lynching the odd stray Agent of Satan’s Dark Forces are coming out in ways he clearly never intended. So sad, not just for him but for how it almost makes it look like we’ve been a deeply closetted deeply racist nation for a looong time, which is so not so, right?

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Hating black people in New Hampshire must feel a little theoretical or abstract.

Why, I remember in the good old days when angry, cops would bust into a down low gay club with their own clubs swinging to scare the patrons and maybe bust up a too flaming or too mouthy queen or two…they’d always keep their pinkies raised as their clubs flashed on a down low of their own.

Except New Hampshire has been solid democrat for over 150 years. The Klan there and many famous Klan members including the founders were card carrying Democrats.

150 years ago democrats were the party of conservatives and republicans were the liberals and progressives. Check your history. It was republicans who worked to pass the 13th amendment to the Constitution. Since then the values of both parties has reversed. So to pin something on democrats of today by using something from 150 years ago is not being accurate.

Southern Dems (Dixiecrats) flipped to the Republican party after Johnson signed civil rights legislation back in the 1960s. Johnson even acknowledged that it would happen upon signing the bill. Were you born yet?

You should step outside the right wing nutter echo chamber and get yourself some education derpfrombrimingham. Turn off Faux Snooze and let some actual facts inside your atrophied little brain. Perhaps it might start having some functional cell matter for a change.

the fact that people are arguing about which political party was more likely to have members in the Klan is beyond silly. There were members of both parties, of almost all walks of life… focus people. And for the record, I know many African american collectors or this type of stuff. History is history… good, bad, ugly and ever present

Once again New Hampshire has always been voting Democrat. Boyd remember became a KKK member and was always a life long democrat.

Doubling down on your own willful ignorance?


It says here that prior to 1992, the state of New Hampshire was staunchly conservative and only strayed from the Republican party for 3 Presidential candidates. After 1992 it became a swing state.

So you are spewing nonsense.

Completely false. Link please?

I would also note that the New Black Panther Party is based in Dallas, TX. So by your logic, people in TX are all affiliated with them, yes?

Actually since FDR the Democrats have been the more liberal party except down South, which changed in the 1960’s. But that’s not the point. New Hampshire is a northern state, so Southern politics is not relevant. But New Hampshire voted Republican for all but 3 Presidential candidates prior to 1992, so the person who posted it has been Democrat for 150 years is just flat out lying or clueless.